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Quality CAWS 0.45 A WWE Return NTSC
Save by AntDaGamer

Credits: fan AWWE Fans & The Gift & The Curse

Date added: 15th June 2009
Viewed: 12155 times
Rating: 6.0/10 (19 votes)

You need both DLC Packs to use this save. The save will prompt you about DLC. Don't bother about lying, it probably won't let you try to trick them into thinking you have dlc. So say the appropriate answer for you. Its only 8 CAWS but most know its a pain to get a good accurate caw with the appropriate skills done. Enjoy These CAW all have appropriate skills and Overall. Everything Is Unlocked. Also features some accurate moveset changes. Example see CM Punk after download. Also Roster Changes to Represent WWE as of June 3, 2009. The Champions are the current champions of my Fantasy League AWWE from Enjoy!

A Few Previews
TRAVIS TOMKO - YouTube Link *

1. Giant Bernard(A-Train)
2. Travis Tomko
3. Crash Holly
4. Tanahashi
5. Rob Van Dam
6. Steve Blackman
7. Jack Swagger
8. Sabu

Bernard & Tomko
World's Strongest Tag Team
ECW Originals (Updated w/Sabu & Rob Van Dam)
The Holly Cousins
Doinky Dream (AWWE)
The Bushwackers
Big TymerZ(AWWE)
JTV King Of The Ring(AWWE)
Evolution X(AWWE)

Bernard Driver
Bernard Bomb
Problem Solver
Torture Rack Neckbreaker
Swagger Bomb

Soundtrack:If You Need Music PM Me On CAWs.WS Community Forums. Want Pictures let it be known cause lately people download but never leave me any comments nor feedback. Enjoy.

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