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Original CAWs Save
Save by Jet Phantom

Date added: 25th February 2009
Viewed: 6480 times
Rating: 5.9/10 (19 votes)

This is my new save

All Unlocked and All NPC (drcat123)
A Lot of name changes (drcat123)
25 Original Caws with Movesets and Stats (made by me)
Jet Phantom (my personal caw, all custom)
Jet Phantom Alt Attire
The Killer (the caw of my cousin, equal for kofi kingston,custom finishers)
The Killer Alt Attire
Adam Sanx (Chris Sabin modified)
Zane Stinger (Alex Shelley Modified)
Phoenix (Half HHH,half HBK)
Red Karley (Half John Morrison,half Miz)
Win Pinfall (The Suplexman,all attacks are Suplexes)
Brandom Barnes (name of the battery of rise against, an extremist in CM Punk style)
Tim McIlrath (name of the vocalist of Rise Against,half London,Half Kendrick)
Zach Blair (Name of the lower of rise against,Chris benoit style)
Synn Traeger (a Brawler/technical style)
Mike Sword (an expert in submissions)
Drek Linx (high flyer,cross body expert)
The Machine (half MVP,half Miz,expert in dash moves)
Xelyn (half Batista,half Mysterio)
Tank (Modified JTG)
Craig (Modified Shad)
Other 6 caws non anouncied.

You can create the stables

Save Download Link

Max Drive PAL
Max Drive NTSC
X-Port PAL
Codebreaker NTSC
Sharkport: Download X-Port file and rename from original_caws_save45_ps2-???.xps to original_caws_save45_ps2-???.sps
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