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My Game Save (PAL)
Save by Matthew Gibbs

Date added: 6th February 2009
Viewed: 8699 times
Rating: 6.2/10 (46 votes)

Click for Kurt Angle CAW Pic

My game save contains

Hulk Hogan
Hollywood Hogan (nWo)
80's Hogan
Scott Steiner
Kevin Nash (nWo)
Scott Hall (nWo)
Razor Ramon
Kevin Nash
The Rock
Stone Cold
Cactus Jack
Randy Savage
Ted DiBiase Jr.
Sting (WCW)
Sting (TNA)
Sting (WWF)
Booker T
Kurt Angle
Bret Hart
Jim Neidhart
Christian Cage
Edge (WWF)
Christian (WWF)
D-Von Dudley (WWF)

And two custom caws of me and my cousin

Matthew Gibbs
Kyle Sage

If you want the correct music you will need to put it in the game yourself because I don't think it will copy over into the game save. And I put Ted DiBiase Jr. in, intending on creating Legacy but forget to make them when I uploaded my game save.
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