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Legends CAW Save (NTSC)
Save by nystyle

Date added: 10th October 2009
Viewed: 17652 times
Rating: 7.8/10 (27 votes)

The Save Includes:
- all wrestlers have a move set but it is not their real life one. I am not really a stickler for move sets so I copied an existing superstar and just fixed the finisher.

- all wrestlers have an entrance.

WWF Champion: Randy Savage
WWF IC Champion: Default 1*
WWF Tag Team Champions: Default 1* & Default 2*
Million Dollar Champion: Big Bossman

Wrestlers on this save:

Randy Savage (orange, wm4 attire)
Razor Ramon
Rob Van Dam
Doink the Clown
Sid Vicious
Kevin Nash
Mankind (white shirt attire)
Papa Shango
Giant Gonzales
Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorff
Default 1* (used to hold the belts I am not using)
Default 2* (same as above)
Kurt Angle
Ax (Demolition)
Smash (Demolition)
Ricky Steamboat
Tito Santana
Rick Martel (The Model attire)
Lex Luger (The Narcissist attire)
One Man Gang
Tony Atlas (just thrown together; not as life like as the others)

**All match types unlocked.
**All alternate attires unlocked.
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