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ECW Hardcore Hangover Save
Save by Nick-Breaker

Date added: 29th August 2009
Viewed: 8479 times
Rating: 8.5/10 (80 votes)

Check out the CAW pictures at this link

All CAWs by nick-Breaker unless otherwise stated.

ECW Originals

1: The Sandman
2: Rob Van Dam (Red WM 22 attire)
3: Rob Van Dam (Yellow attire)
4: Raven
5: Sabu (yellow attire)
6: Justin Credible
7: Lance Storm
8: Jerry lynn
9: Mike Awesome
10: Rhino
11: Hayabusa (modified CAW by XHayabusaX)
12: Shane Douglas
13: D-Von Dudley (By The Tenth Token & Nick-Breaker)
14: Bubba Ray Dudley (By The Tenth Token & Nick-Breaker)
15: Raven (alt attire)
16: Chris Benoit

ECW New Breed

17: Test
18: Mike Knox
19: Marcus Cor Von
20: Kevin Thorn
21: Ariel
22: Bobby Lashley
23: Shannon Moore
24: Jack Swagger
25: Christian
26: Ezekiel Jackson
27: Sheamus
28: Tyson Kidd
29: Drew Macintyre
30: Kurt Angle

All CAWs have full movesets, realistic entrances, CAF when needed, appropriate abilities and table finishers.

Save Special Features:
Tazz in suit unlocked
Joey Styles unlocked
Tazz changed to Taz
All Caws with attributes, abilities, moves and entrances.

Hacked moves:
hacked quick moves - Taz Clothesline and Taz Capture Suplex
Half nelson suplex as normal move
Tazplex as sig
Both Tazmissions as finishers

Chris Benoit:
SS Crippler Crossface from standing as finisher and Benoit Diving Headbutt as signature.

Rhino and Jerry Lynn:
strong grapple 1 - up - TKO as normal move.

Raven and Cor Von:
trademark clotheslines as quick moves

Mike Awesome:
Hacked in Awesome bomb as finisher 1

Lance Strom and Justin Credible:
Both have single leg crab variations

Kurt Angle:
Ankle lock from ground as regular move

Low Blow kick as quick move
I was going to hack his backbreaker as a finisher but I thought I'd leave it as his moveset will most likely evolve.

Save Download Link

Max Drive PAL
Max Drive NTSC
X-Port PAL
Codebreaker NTSC
Sharkport: Download X-Port file and rename from ecw_hardcore_hangover_save71_ps2-???.xps to ecw_hardcore_hangover_save71_ps2-???.sps
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