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ECW Hardcore Hangove V2
Save by Nick-Breaker

Date added: 23rd September 2009
Viewed: 11345 times
Rating: 8.6/10 (78 votes)

Promo Vid

I got some feedback and apparently Hayabusa didnt have spring board which is a shocking sin. Thats now sorted plus updates on Drew Mcintyre, Sheamus (CAW of the Week 22nd sep), Kurt Angle and Cor Von. Also the yellow attire RVD has been replaced by a WWE/ECW style Chris Benoit.

All CAWs will have full movesets, realistic entrances, CAF when needed, appropriate abilities and table finishers.

Save Special Features:
Tazz in suit unlocked
Joey Styles unlocked
Tazz changed to Taz
All Caws with attributes, abilities, moves and entrances.

Hacked moves:
hacked quick moves - Taz Clothesline and Taz Capture Suplex
Half nelson suplex as normal move
Tazplex as sig
Both Tazmissions as finishers

Chris Benoit:
SS Crippler Crossface from standing as finisher and Benoit Diving Headbutt as signature.

Rhino and Jerry Lynn:
strong grapple 1 - up - TKO as normal move.

Raven and Cor Von:
trademark clotheslines as quick moves

Mike Awesome:
Hacked in Awesome bomb as finisher 1

Lance Strom and Justin Credible:
Both have single leg crab variations

Kurt Angle:
Ankle lock from ground as regular move

Low Blow kick as quick move
I was going to hack his backbreaker as a finisher but I thought I'd leave it as his moveset will most likely evolve.

(Thanks to everyone who helped with this save, credit to The Beast and the Harlot for movelist helps)

ECW Originals

1: The Sandman
2: Rob Van Dam (Red WM 22 attire)
3: Chris Benoit
4: Raven
5: Sabu (yellow attire)
6: Justin Credible
7: Lance Storm
8: Jerry lynn
9: Mike Awesome
10: Rhino
11: Hayabusa
12: Shane Douglas
13: D-Von Dudley
14: Bubba Ray Dudley
15: Raven (alt attire)

ECW New Breed

16: Chris Benoit
17: Test
18: Mike Knox
19: Marcus Cor Von
20: Kevin Thorn
21: Ariel
22: Bobby Lashley
23: Shannon Moore
24: Jack Swagger
25: Christian
26: Ezekiel Jackson
27: Sheamus (CAW OF THE WEEK 22nd SEP)
28: Tyson Kidd
29: Drew Macintyre
30: Kurt Angle

Save Download Link

Max Drive PAL
Max Drive NTSC
X-Port PAL
Codebreaker NTSC
Sharkport: Download X-Port file and rename from ecw_hardcore_hangove_v275_ps2-???.xps to ecw_hardcore_hangove_v275_ps2-???.sps
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