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Crystal Mortal Kombat Save (NTSC)
Save by CrYsTaL

Date added: 7th November 2009
Viewed: 8442 times
Rating: 7.8/10 (16 votes)

liu kang mk3 attire
subzero mk3 attire
yoshi tatsu custom attire
evan bourne custom attire
sindel mk3 attire
kitana mk3 attire
sonya mk3 attire
all have entrances and move sets

Custom caws
all have entrances and move sets

finishers created
sonya 1
sonya 2
sindel 1
sindel 2
liu kang 1
liu kang 2
styles clash
destroyer driver
angels wings
diva drop

my caws aren`t incredibly detailed not to good at face and body morphing

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PSP Format Save (.zip file)
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