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Save by bradbingham40447

Date added: 1st December 2008
Viewed: 43195 times
Rating: 7.3/10 (222 votes)

This save contains 30 CAWs I created from formulas on

All CAWs have good overalls, moveset entrance & Abilites (The same abilities but different overalls), I also gave all the CAWs costum music except for one, I'm not sure if the music will copy over when you upload the save so you may have to change the music if it doesn't.

Everything is unlocked, I changed Masked Man's moves, entrance & video to Shane McMahon and I changed Tony's moves to The Rock and gave him Sgt. Slaughter's entrance since it suits him better.

Lots of tag teams created, all the spots are filled on Team Management.

Here are the CAWs
AJ Styles
Alex Shelley
Andre The Giant
Chris Benoit
Chris Sabin
Christopher Daniels
Eddie Guerrero
Hulk Hogan
Jay Lethal
Jeff Jarrett
Kevin Nash
Kevin Thorn
Kung Fu Naki
Kurt Angle
Macho Man Randy Savage
Mr. Perfect
Owen Hart
Petey Williams
Rob Van Dam
Samoa Joe
Scott Hall
Stone Cold Steve Austin
Ultimate Warrior

I spent a lot of time creating this, I went through a career mode with my CAW and build his stats up and before I started I picked how much overall each wrestler would get like when I reached 80 I copied my guy over and created X-Pac since I wanted him to have an 80 overall, after I build my CAW up to a 94 I edited him and created Hulk Hogan, so Hogan has the highest overall of all the CAWs.
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