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3X's Original Females Save 2009 V1
Save by Thr33X

Date added: 13th February 2009
Viewed: 5622 times
Rating: 6.5/10 (17 votes)

After years of just contributing to the boards itself, I present a save to the archives as well featuring 30 Original Female CAWS.

1) Isys Diamante
2) Demona Redd
3) Rayven Darque
4) Casy James
5) Sunday Rose
6) Venus Vincent
7) America Weston
8) Uriko Tanaka
9) Cindy "Sin" Callahan
10) La Diosa
11) Betty Skullbuster
12) Greta
13) Talena "The Warrior Queen"
14) The Lotus
15) "The Tokyo Tsunami" Tadako Anenokoji
16) "The Golden Goddess" Sarah Warfield
17) KIMI
18) Natasha
19) Jillian Priede
20) "The Hellcat" Hayley Jonas
21) Amber Gianni
22) Jamie Fury (2009 XWA Diamond Xtraordinaire)
23) Sonya Robbins
24) Mace Masuimi
25) Marisol Cardinale
26) Alexia Leone
27) Alexis Valentine
28) Tiffany Masterson
29) Channelle
30) Jenna "Baby" Slade

Now some liner notes on this save...

-Lotus, Tadako Anenokoji, Sarah Warfield are set to "Legend" status and as such feature the Resiliency ability making them tougher to defeat. Jamie Fury also uses this, as it's the 2009 XWA "Diamond Xtraordinaire" version-the only characters in the fed that can use the ability.

-There are a total of 6 Teams/Stables set up w/Tag Team Finishers assigned. You'll have to go into the CAMS menu to see how things are set up:
*[b]The Sensationals[/b]-Amber Gianni, Jamie Fury, Marisol Cardinale
*B[b]londe Ambition[/b]- Channelle & Jenna Slade
*[b]Invader Team[/b]- Rayven Darque, Uriko Tanaka, Isys Diamante (a trio of women who will part of the major storyline of my fed this year.)
*[b]Tadako & Marisol[/b]- student/teacher team
*[b]Sarah & Amber[/b]- same
*[b]Shadow Tsunami[/b]- Tadako Anenokoji & The Lotus
*[b]Class Act[/b]- KIMI & Alexia Leone

-All CAWS are gender hacked to "male" and playable in all match-types. Movesets are also XWA Regulation, meaning they're fair.

-As an added bonus, all the CAFs from my first YouTube CAF video ( )are on this save, though the Cardinal's Wings is the only one actually mapped to a CAW.

DISCLAIMER-These CAWS are for your own gameplay only. You can't use them for e-feds/CAW shows or anything "broadcasted" over the internet without prior permission, and only two people have that, so don't ask. Enjoy the saves.

Save Download Link

Max Drive PAL
Max Drive NTSC
X-Port PAL
Codebreaker NTSC
Sharkport: Download X-Port file and rename from 3xs_original_females_save_2009_v141_ps2-???.xps to 3xs_original_females_save_2009_v141_ps2-???.sps
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