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30 CAWs with Attributes PS3 PAL
Save by ryossj

Credits to all CAW Makers

Date added: 25th April 2009
Viewed: 22951 times
Rating: 7.9/10 (55 votes)

I want to thank all CaW Creator and the guy who made THIS ( savegame.
I just added Ultimate Warrior and Abyss, and played Career-Mode with them so they have abilities like all other caws.

30 CaWs
27 Teams
all hidden Features unlocked

!!! all self-made caws have abilities !!!

Jamie Noble (82)
Manu (83)
Christopher Daniels (84)
Kaval (84)
Primo (84)
R-Truth (84)
A-Train (85)
Test (85)
James Storm (86)
Jim Neidhart (86)
Mike Knox (86)
Rhino (86)
Alex Shelley (87)
Chris Sabin (87)
Dolph Ziggler (87)
The British Bulldog (87)
Robert Roode (88)
Vladimir Kozlov (88)
Owen Hart (89)
AJ Styles (91)
Christian Cage (91)
Jack Swagger (92)
Steve Austin (93)
Chris Benoit (94)
Eddie Guerrero (94)
Bret Hart (95)
Kurt Angle (96)
Ultimate Warrior (100)
Abyss (around 92 i guess - in carrer-mode atm) pls help to make his real mask-- was 2 hard 4 me


Beer Money Inc.
Black Panther (Shelton Benjamin, Elijah Burke, Mark Henry & Big Daddy V)
Brothers of Destruction
Cade & Murdoch
Cryme Time
D-Generation X
ECW Originals
Edge & Christian
Hart Foundation (Bret Hart, Owen Hart, Jim Neidhart & The British Bulldog)
Hawkins & Ryder
Holly & Rhodes
Jesse & Festus
La Familia (with Hawkins & Ryder)
London & Kendrick
Los Guerreros
Miz & Morrison
Motor City Machine Guns
Priceless (Manu & Cody Rhodes)
Radicalz (only Chris Benoit & Eddie Guerrero)
T&A (Test & A-Train)
The Colons
The Hardys
Wild Samoans (Manu & Umaga)
(NEW) Legacy
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