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Hurricane Helms

Date added: 24th February 2010
Viewed: 18750 times
Rating: 8.8/10 (222 votes)

Signatures Moves:
Hurricanrana 1
Diving Cross Body
Double Underhook Facebuster
Neckbreaker 8 (Eye of the Hurricane)
Shining Wizard 3
Chokeslam 2
Double Underhook Drop

Shining Wizard 7
Double Underhook Drop (he won with it vs Shelton Benjamin at Friday Night 19th Smackdown)
Shining Wizard 8
Neckbreaker 8 (Nightmare On Helms Street)
Shining Wizard 8
Knee Facebuster
Neckbreaker 9 (Overcast)
Superkick (Hurri-Kick)
Shining Wizard 5
Neckbreaker 7 (Eye of the Hurricane)

CAF Eye of the hurricane
Underhook Piledriver

Eye of the hurricane:
Reverse DDT Clutch (100%)
Final Cut Drop (75%)
Final Cut Impact (75%)
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