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Finishers Selection

Date added: 15th September 2009
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TNA Originals

AJ Styles

Signature: 450 Splash Pin (Superman Splash), Senton Bomb (part of his Spiral Tap)

Finisher: Frog Splash Pin, Corkscrew Body Pin (Spiral Tap)

Alex Shelley

Signature: Superkick, Diving Moonsault 2

Finisher: Sliced Bread No.2, Shining Wizard 3 or 4

Jeff Jarrett

Signature: SS Figure 4-Leglock 02, SS Sleeperhold

Finisher: Elijah Experience, Step-Up Enzuigri

Chris Sabin

Signature: DDT 15, ECW Low Dropkick (Hesitation Dropkick)

Finisher: Fireman’s Carry Slam (similar to Cradle Shock), Step up Enzuigiri

Consequences Creed

Signature: Diving fist Drop, Diving Elbow Drop 1 or 2

Finisher: RKO (similar to Fireman’s Carry Cutter), Tombstone Piledriver 1 (similar to Cradle belly to belly Piledriver)


Signature: Step-Up Enzuigiri, Corner Frankensteiner (similar to Reverse Frankensteiner)

Finisher: Diving Moonsault 1 (Best Moonsault Ever), Neckbreaker 1 (Last Rites)

James Storm

Signature: Spear 6, Double Underhook Suplex

Finisher: Powerbomb 2 (similar to the Eye of the Storm), Superkick (Last Call)

Jay Lethal

Signature: Step-Up Enzuigiri, Superkick

Finisher: Diving elbow drop 3, superkick or step-up enzuigiri

Robert Roode

Signature: Spinning Fisherman Suplex (similar to Payoff), any type of Spinebuster

Finisher: Shining Wizard 3 or 4, Ravishing Neckbreaker

Mick Foley

Signature: Diving Elbow Drop 2 (Cactus Elbow), Piledriver 1 or 2

Finisher: Double Arm DDT, Mandible Claw 1 or 2
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