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Cody Rhodes

Date added: 7th November 2012
Viewed: 7507 times
Rating: 7.3/10 (23 votes)

Neckbreaker 1 (Cross Rhodes)
Swinging Snap DDT
DDT 19 (Silver Spoon DDT)
DDT 18
DDT 17/CAF DDT (Silver Spoon DDT)
Reverse DDT Clutch 01
Extreme Twist of Fate drop
Extreme Twist of Fate impact

1.SS Sleeper Hold (Runnels Choke - he used it in OVW as Cody Runnels)
2.Texas Jab (Sometimes he uses it but it comes from his Father)
3.Elbow Attack 2/Elbow to Back of Head (Bionic Elbow)
Scoop Slam 4
Bulldog 2

CAF DDT: 1.DDT Clutch 02
2.Old School DDT Drop
3.Kick-out DDT Impact
Call it "Silver Spoon DDT"
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