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Chris Benoit

Date added: 14th August 2011
Viewed: 3331 times
Rating: 9.5/10 (2 votes)

German Suplex 3 (Hat Trick) *
Suplex 4 (Los Three Amigos-Tribute to Eddie Guerrero) *
Diving Headbutt 1/2/3 (None of these are Benoit's...but it beats not having a Diving Headbutt)

SS Sharpshooter (He made a lot of people tap with this)
SS STF-U (Closest thing to the Crippler looks a lot like it when you're going one on one with a wrestler) *Used this works
Diving Body Press 2 (This is the closest thing to Benoit's Diving Headbutt because the glass shattering distorts the image of the Body Press and makes it look like a Diving Headbutt) *Used this myself
Diving Headbutt 1/2
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