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AJ Styles

Date added: 2nd October 2009
Viewed: 9758 times
Rating: 7.9/10 (52 votes)

Styles Clash (Create-a-finishers)
Shooting Star Press 1
Wii: Pedigree
Landing Pin (Styles Clash)
Frog Splash Pin
Corkscrew Body Pin (Spiral Tap)
Cliffhanger (Created Finisher)
450 Splash

450 Splash Pin (Superman Splash)
Senton Bomb (part of his Spiral Tap)
California Dream (Muta Lock)
Clothesline 17 (Discus Lariat)
Brainbuster DDT
Facebuster 7
Corkscrew Body Pin (Spiral Tap)

Special knocks:
Corkscrew Body Pin (Spiral Tap)
Diving Moonsault 2
Wii: Trouble in Paradise (Pele Kick)
Step-Up Enziguri (Pele' Kick)
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