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WCW Save
Save by Justice125

Date added: 9th June 2008
Viewed: 8487 times
Rating: 6.5/10 (24 votes)

save has
30 caws
8 belts
npcs unlocked
22 stables
everything unlocked


1.Chris benoit (with finishers)

2.the giant

3.scott hall


5.Rick steiner


7.scott steiner

8.Eddy guerrero (with video)

9.Kevin nash

10.Michael hayes

11.Jimmy gravin

12.Arn anderson

13.Dusty rhodes

14.Lex luger (with finisher)

15.macho man


17.sid vicious

18.Ultimate warrior

19.the great muta

20.Billy kidman

21.chris jericho parka

23.Mark jindrak

24.Lance storm

25.Ultimo dragon

26.Hollywood hogan (with finisher)

27.Chuck Palumbo

28.Sean O’Haire

29.Mike awesome

30. Ricky steamboat

Save Download Link

Max Drive PAL
Max Drive NTSC
X-Port PAL
Codebreaker NTSC
Sharkport: Download X-Port file and rename from wcw_save64_ps2-???.xps to wcw_save64_ps2-???.sps
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