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UK Save Version 1 (PAL)
Save by Marco Magic

Date added: 24th March 2008
Viewed: 7302 times
Rating: 4.5/10 (36 votes)

Coming soon this huge save will include one of the best CAW rosters out there I cannot remember the CAW's I have used by people on this site but thank you if people don't want them using why post them.

This save WILL NOT have hacks on it.

Everything Bought
HOF Mostly Done

None Done

CAW's Credit given for morphing used
Raw Roster
<*>Chris Jericho - Myself
<*>Cody Rhodes - Thomas Pain
<*>Hardcore Holly - Thomas Pain
<*>Paul Burchill - Thomas Pain - Except Entrances
<*>Charlie Hass - Thomas Pain
<*>Santino Marella - Thomas Pain
<*>Paul London - Thomas Pain
<*>Brian Kendrick - Thomas Pain
<*>Katie Lea Burchill - Thomas Pain - Except Entrance & Moveset

Stables - Members
King Of The Ring -
D-Generation X - Triple H & Shawn Michaels
The Hardys - Matt Hardy & Jeff Hardy

Championships holders and created championships
WWE - John cena
WHC - Batista
ECW - Johnny Nitro
IC - Umaga
World Tag Team - Jeff & Matt Hardy
WWE Tag Team - Rey Mysterio & Batista
Womens - Melina
Cruiserweight - Chavo Guerrero
Hardcore - LOCKED
Million Doller - LOCKED
Classic WWE Attitude Era - LOCKED
Classic WCW - LOCKED

Created Championships

Some Items requested Here
CAW spot 25 is a suprise and will not be announced.
Cody Rhodes will not have letters on his trunks due to them being on the chest.
Any CAW's without Morphing Credit has not been completed as Morphing is the last thing I do.

Save Download Link

PSP Format Save (.zip file)
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