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UK Save (PAL)
Save by Marco Magic

Date added: 28th January 2008
Viewed: 10172 times
Rating: 6.9/10 (28 votes)

This save file is for ULES00931 UK edition of the game.

This save has:-
100% Season mode with John Cena
Most HoF challenges complete
Most items unlocked in WWEShop

Created Superstars complete with movesets and entrances
RVD Gray and Black Drogon attire
Jimmy Wang Yang Smackdown Attire
Big Daddy V ECW Attire
Matt Striker Smackdown 25th January suit attire
Chuck Palumbo Smackdown attire
Deuce Smackdown attire
Domino Smackdown attire
Chris Jericho Codebreaker Attire

Created Championships
NWA World Championship
NWA X-Division Championship

V1.1 coming soon with more CAW's i'm thinking about making Diva's too but unsure

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