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PS3 Play Beyond Save (NTSC)
Save by AntDaGamer

The Gift & The Curse / Kane/Deadman for Encouragement

Date added: 25th June 2008
Viewed: 24614 times
Rating: 8.9/10 (75 votes)

I hope you guys enjoy it. I just come to realize that I'm not gonna be that good on this version of SVR. I wanted to release this cause I have a full slot and the save is getting kind of old compared to the new roster in WWE. So I'm just releasing it anyway. I think the caws on PS3 are odd compared to the in game characters I did my best to adjust this year but it was complicated. I'm satisfied with some and some I'm not. I think you guys will feel the same way. It contains 2 Tournaments to get the feel of and present to you the CAWs in this save. It also contains updated movesets for some of the wrestlers. Enjoy my first PS3 save! Play Beyond!

1. Cody Rhodes
2. Hardcore Holly
3. Rob Van Dam (Red Attire)
4. Rob Van Dam (Purple Attire)
5. Colin Delaney
6. Beth Phoenix
7. Victoria
8. Shinsuke Nakamura
9. Satoshi Kojima
10. Jushin Thunder Lyger
12. Super Strong Machine
13. Santino Marella
14. Big Daddy V
15. Hiroshi Tenzen
16. Stevie Richards
17. Kamala
18. Hiroshi Tanahashi
19. Funaki
20. Chris Jericho (Return Attire)
21. Chris Jericho (New Save Us Attire Red No.2)
22. Tiger Mask
23. Mike Knox
24. Big Show
25. Hulk Hogan (Red & Yellow)
26. The Miz
27. The Boogeyman
28. TARU
29. Shelton Benjamin
30. Charlie Haas

Holly & Rhodes
Voodoo Murderers
RAW Heels
Santino & Carlito
Dreamer & Delaney
World's Greatest Tag Team
Miz & Morrison

Play Beyond Tournament
King Of The Ring (play as Regal in Semi if you wish) Regal is Default as King Of The Ring In Stables

ECW TV Championship
Youtube Championship
IWGP Championship
Undisputed Tag Team Championship
Steel Cage Championship
SVR08 Championship

Other Perks
Updated Movesets for Kelly Kelly, Kennedy, McCool and more.
Caws with the most accurate movesets as possible along with stats.
Everything Unlocked.

This was very hard for me as one man and THQ's new system for attributes. I'm looking to maybe having another save time will tell. If so you can bet I will improve some of these. I hope you enjoy though.
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