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Farewell To WWE SVR08 Save
Save by AntDaGamer The Gift & The Curse

Date added: 22nd September 2008
Viewed: 19498 times
Rating: 8.5/10 (73 votes)

Well I promised another save and here it is. You get about 20 plus Stables in this from Ryder & Hawkins, The World Strongest Faction(Atlas & Henry) to Mysterio & Bourne. This should get you guys farely up to date the most outdated thing about this is Ryder & Hawkins cause they have there La Familia Entrance Attire and Edges Music. Besides that I'm sure you guys will enjoy this. It has the main new guys such as Kofi Kingston & and update on Jerichos new attire. I even updated some of the other guys given Miz new attire and making Santino more complete. Movesets were also tweaked quite a bit. It isn't a complete full card but its full of updates that should do you guys over for the rest of 08. I would have completed but I'm about to move and I just recently bought this again a week before I got TNA Impact (Which I highly recommend you guys to buy) to finish up I had others such as Manu but I just don't have time to finish it with me moving. Nevertheless, this is my " Farewell To WWE SVR08 Save"! See You in 09 when our saves reach new heights with custom entrance themes!! ... and hopefully more layers on PS3.

1. Big Daddy V
2. Bamm Neely
3. Cody Rhodes (New Black & Gold Attire & Updated)
4. Shelton Benjamin (Gold Standard Attire)
5. Steven Richards
6. Chris Jericho (New Short Tights Red Attire w/ Jericho on the Back)
7. Beth Phoenix (updated Attire)
8. Charlie Haas (Normal Attire)
9. *Empty*
10. Ted Debiase Jr.
11. Kurt Hawkins
12. Big Show (updated since Play Beyond Save)
13. The Miz (updated w/ new attire featuring Chick Magnet Shirt)
14. Santino Marella (updated w/ new look & attire)
15. Colin Delaney (Last Night In ECW attire LOL!)
16. Evan Bourne
17. Zack Ryder
18. Kamala
19. Mr. USA Tony Atlas
20. Funaki (updated slightly)
21. *EMPTY*
22. Mike Knox (updated since Play Beyond Save)
24. *EMPTY*
25. Hulk Hogan
26. Chris Jericho (2nd Attire)
27. Kofi Kingston
28. Victoria (updated since Play Beyond Save)
29. Rob Van Dam (classic yellow ECW attire)
30. Hardcore Holly

World Champion - Chris Jericho
WWE Champion - HHH
US Champion - Shelton Benjamin
IC Champion - Santino Marella
Women's Champion Beth Phoenix
World Tag Team Champions - Simply Priceless (Debiase & Rhodes)
WWE Tag Team Champions - Hawkins & Ryder

Custom Championships

WWE PSN Championship
ECW TV Championship
Undisputed Tag Team Championship
WWE SVR08 Championship
WWE European Championship
ECW World Championship (*NEW ECW STEEL BELT)
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