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DC-Reboot Mix Save
Save by JosephCAW

Date added: 5th March 2008
Viewed: 6104 times
Rating: 7.0/10 (30 votes)

This save contains the following

Non-Playable Characters:


Stephanie McMahon

Mr. McMahon (suit)

Shane McMahon (suit)

Armando Estrada

Theadore Long

Jim Ross

Jerry 'The King' Lawler

Michael Chole

Jonathan Coachman

JBL (suit)


Joey Styles


Sandman's ps3 & xbox 360 entrance hacked in

JBL (non-suit), Ashley moved to RAW

Dreamer, Estrada moved to ECW

Sandman, King Booker, JR, King moved to WWE & ECW Legends

Vince & Shane (suits), Coach moved to SmackDown!


Page 1:DC Comics
1. The Flash III - Wally West
2. SuperMan II - Conner Kent (Future Titans)
3. BatMan III - Tim Drake (Future Titans)
4. Red Robin - Jason Todd
5. The Black Flash (Death to Speedsters)
6. SuperMan Prime (with 'S' scar on chest)

11. Enzo Matrix (Adult Version)
12. AndrAIa (Adult Version)
13. Glitch Bob
14. Ray Tracer - The Web Surfer
15. Hack
16. Slash

Pictures available here:

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X-Port PAL
Codebreaker NTSC
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