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BlackToxic's WIP Save
Save by BlackToxic

Credits: HardyShow, Mr.Monkey, OldSchool

Date added: 21st February 2008
Viewed: 5631 times
Rating: 5.0/10 (21 votes)

Note: This Originally was 'The Misc. Save II' but i don't have time to finish it, most caws don't have movesets/entrances and 2 or 3 CAWs were never 100% finished. Big thanks to OldSchool for his great Kevin Nash & Paul Bearer, Mr.Monkey for Lance Storm, HardyShow for Ultimo Dragon and if i have forgotten someone, then you too.

1. Mil Mascaras (Classic Mask, With Entrance Mask)
2. Tiger Mask IV
3. Sangre Azteca
4. Ultimo Dragon
5. The Great Muta (With Entrance Mask/Attire)
6. TAKA Michinoku (Blue & Black/WWF Attire)
7. Lance Storm
8. Katsuhiko Nakajima
9. Takeshi Morishima
10. Scott Steiner
11. Jun Akiyama
12. Sid Vicious
13. Ken Shamrock
14. Black Strong Machine
15. Yoshihiro Takayama
16. Mohammed Yone
17. Kevin Nash (2007 Attire)
18. El Solitario
19. Paul Bearer (90's Bearer)19.
20. Stalker Ichikawa
21. Ebessan
22. CTU Ranger Red (Milano Collection A.T)
23. CTU Ranger Blue (Jado)
24. CTU Ranger Green (Gedo)
25. CTU Ranger Pink (Minoru)
26. CTU Ranger Yellow (Prince Devitt)
27. "brother" YASSHI
28. Razor Ramon HG


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X-Port PAL
Codebreaker NTSC
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