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100 Percent Complete (Ger)
Save by Kitta

Date added: 17th December 2007
Viewed: 10205 times
Rating: 7.0/10 (44 votes)

Alles Frei Geschaltet also ihr seid :
Hall of Famer
Habt alle Titel
Alle Superstars
Alle Arenen
Keine nervigen Caws
;),nun viel spaƟmit den Savegame

Automatic English translation:

Everything freely switched thus you are: Resound to OF Famer have all titles all superstar all arenas no nervigen Caws, now much fun along the Savegame

Save Download Link

Max Drive PAL
Max Drive NTSC
X-Port PAL
Codebreaker NTSC
Sharkport: Download X-Port file and rename from 100_percent_complete_%28ger%2925_ps2-???.xps to 100_percent_complete_%28ger%2925_ps2-???.sps
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