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CAW by brokenbones

Date added: 12th March 2008
Viewed: 119823 times
Rating: 8.9/10 (1777 votes)

*CAW Creation By brokenbones*

Sting (TNA)

**Employment Application Form**
Name: Sting
Nick Name: None
Nick Name Placement: None
HUD: Sting
Announcer Introduction: The Superstar/The Legend/Whatever you want
Hometown: Venice Beach, California
Gender: Male
Weight Class: 117kg (Heavyweight)
Crowd Reaction: Good
Show: Whatever
Voice: 2
Match Specialty: Submission/Hardcore/Whatever you think is his specialty
Fighting Style 1: Powerhouse
Fighting Style 2: Showman
-Crowd Signs-
Sign 1: 15/18(Wooooo!)**** Sign 2: 15/18(People's Champ)****
Sign 3: 17/18(The Champ Is Here)**** Sign 4: 16/18(nWo)

Hair: 16/73 (86,12,-18)

-Head Morphing-
Head: 10,0,8
Forehead: -70,-100,20,0

Eye Type: 1/9 (92,10,-18)
Eyelashes: DEFAULT
Eyebrows: DEFAULT
Lips: 13/16 (-100,-100,-60) * This looks better than using make up/lipstick in my opinion*
Skin: 12/12 (88,15,2,25)

-Face Morphing-
Eyebrows: -12,-23,-70,33
Eyes: 0,0,-33,-29,37,-10,-10
Nose: 0,0,-25,-53,-33,41,-50,65
Cheeks: -70,-100,-17,65
Mouth: 60,-40,-81,-40,-50,27,-90
Jaw: 20,-32,-30,10,-3,-15
Ears: 0,0,35,6
Skin Aging: 40

Height: 188cm

Body Type: -15
-Body Morphing-
Neck: -78,3,20
Chest: 0,5,43
Shoulders: -20,11,0
Abdomen: 12,30,24
Waist: 16,30
Arms: -15,12,7
Legs: 10,7,12
Feet: -2,0,0

Defintion: 5/9

(I will start from 9. as the rest are taken up by mandatory layers)

09. Underwear: 29/31 (-100,0,5)
10. Tights: 3/17 (-100,-100,-100,100,100)
11. Tights Design: left leg only 65/159 (-96,100,20,100)
*NOTE* The next 3 layers are the same design. Use them to cover the unwanted scorpions.
12-14. Leg Design: 103/141 (-100,-100,-100,100)
*NOTE* The next layer has to go on the right knee so both knees look even otherwise the right knee looks really shiney compared to the left.
15. Leg Design: 103/141 (-100,-100,-100,100)
16. Facepaint: 71/118 (-96,-100,70,100)
17. Facepaint: 19/118 (-100,-100,-100,100)
18. Facepaint: 33/118 (100,15,2,100)
19. Boots/Shoes: 31/33 1st colour (8,100,-30) 2nd colour (100,100,25) * for some reason the first colour had to be set up different even though it achieves the same colour in the end. It might be some sort of glitch but if this doesnt happen to you use the 2nd colour for both*
20. Hands: 12/16 (-100,-100,-65)
21. Jackets: 15/21 open style (-100,-100,-67)
*NOTE* The following layers 22-29 are all for the facepaint design. This will be done in pairs as you need to do each one twice. (one for each side to make it symetrical)
22-23. Face Sign: 1/7 3 across & 4th down on selection, biggest vert & horiz. (-100,-100,-100,100) * These go on the outside edges of the black eye paint. Place them about level with the eyes*
24-25. Face Sign: 1/7 3 across & 4th down on selection, biggest vert & 2nd biggest horiz. (-100,-100,-100,100) *These 2 layers join to the bottom of the last 2 layers as shown in pics*
26-27. Face Sign: 1/7 4th down on selection, biggest vert & 2nd biggest horiz. (-100,-100,-100,100) * These 2 layers join to the top outside corners of the black eye paint as shown in pics*
28-29. Face Sign: 1/7 Three across & 4th down on selection, biggest vert & 2nd biggest horiz. (-100,-100,-100,100) * These 2 layers join to the top inside edges of the black eye paint as shown in pics*
*NOTE* The next layer is the black part between his mouth and chin.
30. Face Design: 138/141 turn upside down, biggest vert & 2nd smallest horiz. (-100,-100,-100,100)
31. Make up: 19/19 (-100,-100,-100,100)

Yeah there's one layer left coz i changed the lip colour instead of using make up/lipstick but i couldnt find anythin to use it on that would make this caw look better. I think i coulda done something if i had 2 layers to play with though.

Preset Moveset: 25 Power/Show (Its his moveset on the game)

OK THATS IT! Im still gonna release an nWo Wolfpac version of Sting if people want it but for now i hope you enjoy this one and my recently released Oldskool Sting.

*Massive thanks to everyone who has posted on my Sting topic so far. You are the ones that give me a reason to grind out a formula so that anybody can use it*

BTW if you have any specific problems with the formula, notice any typo's or even if you wanna let me know that youre enjoying using this caw just put a post in my Sting topic or PM me. Thanks :)

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