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Junior Fatu
CAW by TheOneKBD

Formula by Raven-Effect & TheOneKBD

Date added: 4th February 2008
Viewed: 72581 times
Rating: 8.8/10 (2255 votes)



Hair: 43 (74,13,45,-72)

Head Morphing

Eyes: 1 (90,20,-12)
Eyelashes: 1 (8,0,0)
Eyebrows: 37 (86,-15,-10)
Lips: 13 (-96,1,-18)
Teeth: Default

Skin Tone: 5 (86,13,-16,40)
Skin Aging: 0

Face Morphing
Eyebrows: -60,0,30,0
Eyes: -20,-70,0,-100,45,100,0
Nose: 100,-29,75,-30,15,100,-10,-50
Cheeks: 75,-100,-25,100
Mouth: -20,25,-20,74,25,3,-100
Jaw: 100,-100,15,90,100,100
Ears: 100,-50,-100,5

Facial Hair
Templates: 21 (86,0,-5,50)
Templates: 21 (81,-10,45,100)

Face Paint: 83 (89,-21,-10,50)
Make-Up: 18 (89,-13,-32,55)
Piercings: 20 (Both Ears)(-13,0,0)


Height: 6'1"

Body Type: 65

Body Morphing
Neck: (-100,40,100)
Chest: (-30,10,100)
Shoulders: (-100,100,-10)
Abdomen: (-48,30,20)
Waist: (50,100)
Arms: (-100,0,0)
Hands: (0,0,0)
Legs: (-100,18,10)
Feet: (-100,-25,-52)

Definition: 5


Underwear: 7 (-13,100,-75)
Elbows: 2 (Both)(-13,100,-65,100)
Arms/Wrists: 1 (-15,-100,-70,100,20)
Boots/Shoes: 30 (1st Color; -24,-100,-5) (2nd Color; 81,-100,-5)
Glasses: 4 (-33,0,-10)(Entrance & Cut Scene Only)


Voice: Voice 1
Match Speciality: Parking Lot Brawl
Fighting Style 1: Powerhouse
Fighting Style 2: Showman
Crowd Signs: Any

--->Employment Application Form---<

Name: Rikishi
Nickname: Default
Nickname Placement: None
HUD Name: Rikishi
Announcer Introduction: Big Daddy
Hometown: The Isle Of Samoa
Weight Class: Super Heavyweight
Crowd Reaction: Good
Show: Smackdown




Face Help Pic:
Body Help Pic:

9. design 99/141 (smallest H, 2nd smallest V) 90,-32,2,50 place on stomach for scar

12. alphabet 17/18 "M" (rotate once, 2nd smallest H, 2nd smallest V) 0,-45,-50,75 place on inside of HIS right forearm above wristband for tattoo
13. same as layer 12 but "O" and slide above the M
14. same as layer 12 but "A" and slide above the O

22-26. flag 7/12 (largest H, 2nd largest V) 100,-85,-88,100 place above undies and connect all the way around

27-29. design 103/141 -18,100,-27,100 use these to cover up any star design parts of the flags that show

32. alphabet 9/18 "J" (rotate 3x, smallest both) 0,-40,-50,50 place on HIS left hand above the area between index finger and thumb for tattoo

33. japanese 2/13 last column, 2nd row (rotate once, smallest both) 0,-45,-50,50 place on HIS right hand, same spot

34. design 118/141 (largest H, smallest V) 78,-30,10,100 place right below neck (front) so that only the bottom shows, looking like his necklace & do not place so high that is shows between his legs

35. same as previous layer but place on back, connecting the two. u will have to move this one up so high that it WILL show between his legs, but we will cover that up with a design =)

36. design 103/141 (rotate once, largest H, 2nd smallest V) 86,-44,18,100 cover up unwanted part of previous layer

37. design 97/141 (rotate once, 2nd smallest H & V) 86,-47,22,100 place on chin to cover up top of goatee

38. chinese 1/65 4th column, 3rd row (rotate 2x, smallest H, largest V) 75,-59,-11,100 place below lip to make part of goatee

39-46. design 95/141 (largest H, 2nd largest V) -18,-100,-27,100 place 4 on each side below and around the belt for tassles. make sure they don't go so far down that they show on the chest.

Rikishi belt lettering

**all letters and designs are set to white preset color**

47. alphabet 9/18 "R" (largest H & V)

48. alphabet 10/18 "l" (rotate 2x, largest H & V)

49. alphabet 10/18 "k" (largest H & V)

50. same as layer 48

*the "S" will be made in 3 layers*
51. design 100/141 (rotate once, smallest H, 2nd smallest V)
52. sign 1/7 5th column, 2nd row (rotate 3x, largest H, 2nd largest V) place on bottom of previous design
53. same as previous layer but only rotate once and place on top of layer 51

54. 9/18 "H" (rotate 2x, largest H & V)

55. same as layers 48 & 50

Hair designs

56. design 103/141 (rotate once, largest H, 2nd smallest V) 85,-50,21,100 place centered at the top of the forehead covering the hairline

57. design 103/141 (2nd smallest H & V) 72,-60,26,100 place on one side of the head near the temple, extending the hairline more towards his forehead

58. same as layer 57 but place on opposite side

59. design 17/141 (rotate 3x, largest H & V) 80,-55,21,100 place on HIS left side of head, cover as much of the hair as you can including the design placed there to make it look like hair is being pulled back

60. same as layer 59 but only rotate once and place on opposite side

61. design 17/141 (rotate 2x, 2nd largest H & V) 80,-55,21,100 place on HIS left side with the left part of the design right above the ear

62. same as layer 61 but opposite side

63. design 17/141 (2nd largest H, largest V) 80,-55,21,100 place on back of head below ponytail, covering as much of the hair as possible
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