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'The Original' TNT
Move by suicidemessiah619

Ring In: Slide In
Ring Out: Roll Down
Taunt: Batista 3/ Undertaker 3/ Taunt Powerful 8/ Chris Jericho 2
Fighting Stance: Kane
Walking: Normal
Running: Normal

Strike Attacks:
Polish Hammer 2
Toe Kick 1
Slap 2
Jericho Toe Kick
Clothesline 3
Middle Kick

Arm Drag 3
Neckbreaker 6
Small Package 1
Facecrusher 1


Hammer Lock
Bear Hug 1
Gory Special 2
Iron Claw
Arm Lock 1

1. Power:
Tombstone Piledriver 1
Powerbomb 10
Spiral Bomb
Scoop Slam 2
Suplex 10

Northern Lights Suplex 3
Complete Shot
Double Arm Suplex 2
Tigerbomb 2
Spinebuster 3

3. Luchadore:
Crucifix Headscissors
Neckbreaker 18
Cruiserweight Moves 1
Tilt A Whirl Sideslam 1

Grapple Attack:

Grapple From Behind:
Back Suplex 6
Backbreaker 6
Sidewalk Slam 3
Spin Out Powerbomb
Backbreaker 4

Groggy From Behind:
Atomic Drop
School Boy Roll Up
The Masterlock
DDT 17
Neckbreaker 12

Top of the Cell:
All Chokeslam

Ground Strike Attacks:
Angry Stomp
Spiral Leg Drop
Rolling Thunder 2

Ground Grapples
Elbow Drop 11
Forearm Drop
Slingshot Elbow Drop

Stomp On Leg
Queen Angelito Stretch

Corner Strike Attacks:
Turnbuckle Clothesline 2
Shining Wizard 2
Turnbuckle Dropkick 2

Corner Grapples:
Turnbuckle Powerbomb
Triangle Dropkick
Superplex 1
Military Drop
Pump Up Buster
Alley Oop Bomb

Corner Grapple From Behind:
Dropkick & School Boy Pin
Cross Powerbomb
Tie To Tree of Woe
Turnbuckle Smash
Super Back Suplex

Groggy On Ropes:
Springboard DDT

Rebound Attack:
Shining Wizard 3
Vaulting Body Press

Diving Out of the Ring Attack
Rope Flip 1

Diving Attack vs. Standing Opponent
Diving Side Kick
Diving Hurricarana

Diving Attack vs. Downed Opponent
Diving Moonsault 2
Diving Moonsault 3 (Long Range Moosault)
Diving Leg Drop

Running Attacks:
Clothesline 17
Front Dropkick 2

Running Grapple:
Lou Thesz Press
Spear 2

Rear Technique:
School Boy Pin 2
Neckbreaker 12

Running Ground Attack:
Double Axe Handle 5
Elbow Drop 5

Counter Attack:
Spinebuster 4
Back Body Drop
Samoan Drop 1

Standing Tag Team:
Combination Cutter
STO & Sweep
Kick & German Suplex Pin
Double Dropkick

Corner Tag Team:
Cool Leg Drop (Tag Team Finisher [The Broken Remains])
Death Device
Moonsault Combination
Double Leg Drop
Double Chokeslam

Facebuster 2 (Dynamite Drop)
Flapjack 1 (Detonation)

Signature Moves:
Cool Leg Drop
Tigerbomb 2

Chair Finisher:
DDT 23

Combination Attack:
Snap Jab
Roundhouse Kick 3
Clothesline 3
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