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"Primetime" Brian Lee (ECW)
Move by bazooka956

Ring in move: Over The Rope
Ring out move: Quick
Taunt: Wake Up 2, Big Show, Jbl 1, Christian 1
Fighting Style: Wild
Walking Style: Normal
Running Style: Normal
Attack: Big Boot 1, Toe Kick 1, Throat Thrust 3, Outlaw Punches 1, Dupree Punches, Snap Jab
- Clean: Arm Drag 3, Scoop Slam 5, Gutbuster 2, Body Knee Strike, DDT 8
- Dirty: Eye Rake 1, Low Blow 5, Head Pound, Triple H Choke, Reverse Atomic Drop
- Submission: Arm Wrench 1, Armbar 5, Headlock 4, Bear Hug 2, Face Lock 2
- Brawler: Throat Thrust 5, Fury Punch 5, Mat Slam, Outlaw Knee Strike 1, Headlock Punch 1
- Power: Clothesline 22, Powerbomb 10, Shoulder Breaker, Remember That, Kane Lifting & Toss
- Old School: Piledriver 2, Suplex 11, Scoop Slam 5, DDT 24, Headbutt 1
Grapple Attack: Grapple Punch 1, Grapple Body Attack 1, Grapple Elbow Strike 2
Back Attack: Bulldog 5, Backbreaker 4, Sidewalk Slam 3, Back Suplex 5, Back Rake, Atomic Drop, Backslide Pin, Belly To Back 2, Double Arm Breaker, Full Nelson Slam 2
Edge of Cell: Chokeslam 1 x 4
Attack:Undertaker Stomp, Elbow Drop 3, Falling Headbutt
Grapple: Ric Flair Knee Drop, Mounted Punching 4,Elbow Drop 10, Knee To Groin,Stomp On Leg, Elbow Drop Combo
Attack: Turnbuckle Clothesline 1, Turnbuckle Body Attack, Knee Attack 1
Grapple: Corner Choke, Chokeslam 10, Foot Choke 1, Superplex 1, Shoulder Thrust 2, Foot Choke 2
Back Attack: Cross Powerbomb, Forearm To Back, Toss Into Ring Post, Turnbuckle Smash, Super Back Suplex
Rope Down: Big Boot 3
Rebound Attack: Clothesline 12, Elbow Drop 5, Vaulting Body Press 2
Jump Down Over: Baseball Slide 1
Stand: Double Ax Handle 3, Diving Clothesline
Down: Diving Elbow, Near Elbow Drop, Near Knee Drop
Attack: Clothesline 11, Clothesline 7
Grapple: Head Pound, Spear 2
Back Attack: Bulldog 5, Triple H Low Kick
Ground Attack: Elbow Drop 5, Double Ax Handle 5
Counter: Powerslam 1, Back Body Drop 1, Hip Toss 1
Standing: Bonsoir, Double Head Beat, Double Suplex, Double Clothesline, Double Flapjack
Corner: Kick To Gut 1, Falling Powerbomb, Double Stomping, Double Chokeslam, Body Splash & Whip
Finisher: Chokeslam 5, Show Stopper
Favorites: Big Boot 3, Elbow Drop Combo, Knee To Groin
Weapon Attack: DDT 23, Guillotine 2
Combination Moves: Body Punch, Snap Jab, Big Boot 1
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