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Alex Shelley
Move by Mccc301

Alex Shelley
Standard Actions
Ring In: jumping 1
Ring Out: normal
Taunts: cut throat, taunt right & left, cut throat, cut the air
Fighting Stance: Wrestling 1
Walking Motion: Normal
Running Motion: Normal
Strike Attacks: dropkick 2, toe kick 1, jumping calf kick, dropkick to knee2, clothesline 3,
Grapple Moves:
- Clean: Arm drag 3, ddt 14, arm drag leg drop, back chop 6, suplex 11
- Dirty: eye rake 1, low blow 5, eye rake 2,low blow 2, guillotine 1
- Submission: hammer lock, trailer hitch, headlock 4, arm wrench 3, face lock 2
Category 1: Tech
- Moves 1: suplex 2, complete shot, neck breaker 4, leg trip 2, scoop slam 3
Category 2: Tech
- Moves 2: extreme small package, back side slam 1, gut buster 2, suplex 7, clothesline 22
Category 3: Speed
- Moves 3: step up enzuigiri, knee strike 2, suplex 12, snapmare & dropkick 1, jawbreaker 1
- Grapple Attack: grapple body attack 1, grapple punch 2, grapple elbow strike 1
Grapple From Behind: sleeper hold 4, German suplex 4, back suplex 6, octopus stretch 2, backbreaker 4
Top of Cell Attack: Downward Thrust, Downward Thrust, Downward Thrust, Downward Thrust
Strike Attack: Kurt angle stomp, double axe handle 4, double knee drop
Grapple Moves: arm lock 2, slingshot elbow drop, Mexican arm breaker, queen Angelino stretch, Doug leg lock, leg lock 5
Strike Attacks: turnbuckle clothesline 1, turnbuckle clothesline 1, knee attack 1
Grapple Moves: suplex 1, arm drag 7 , turnbuckle power bomb, big back chop 1, sunset flip pin 4,mudhol stomping 2
Grapple from behind: mule kick, dropkick & schoolboy pin, lucha ddt, neck breaker 13, turnbuckle smash
Groggy on ropes: choke 1
Rebound Attack: yakuza kick, lionsault, vaulting body press 2
Diving out of ring attack: dive through ropes
Diving Attack vs. Standing Opp.: diving fameasser, missile dropkick
Diving Attack vs. Downed Opp.: near knee drop, foot stamp 2, diving elbow drop
Running Strikes: knee attack 2, clothesline 14
Running Grapple: mysterio rolling, sunset flip pin 1
Rear Techniques: hhh low kick, schoolboy pin 2
Running ground Attack: senton, running leg drop
Counter Attack: hip toss 1, rolling Boston crab, drop to hold
Tag Team
Standing Tag Team: double flapjack, dropkick rolling clutch, double suplex, double clothesline, double dropkick
Corner Tag Team: whip & lay down, double arm whip, double stomping, falling power bomb, body splash & whip
Finishers: ddt 4, ninja
Signature Moves: neck breaker 4, Russian leg sweep 2, ddt 4
Chair Finisher: DDT 23, DDT 23
Combination Attack: outlaw punches 1, elbow smash 1, enzuigiri
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