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Alex Sgro 4 (Finishers Only)
Move by Alex Sgro

Signature Moves
-toe kick 2
-wrist clutch and elbow(sig)
-Armbar 3(CSW choke sub wrestling)
-Torture rack
-Headlock 2
-Abdominal stretch 1/3
-Shoulderlock (Anaconda Vice)
--Towerhacker bomb pin (tower blast pin)/ powerbomb 10 (old)
--Repeating pb2(triple powerbomb pin)
--Cobra clutch bomb
--neckbreaker 5
--Suplex 8 (3 amigoes)
--German suplex 7( triple german suplexes)[ benoit & rhyno use]
--Northern lights 3
--Tazz capture suplex (sig)
--Mat slam(sig)
--Outlaw stomp 1/2
--Last call (fall away slam)
--Full nelson bomb(hemmeroid slam)
-- German suplex 8 [Angle and Lesnar use]
--flash back 2
--Queen suplex pin*(reverse eletric chair)
--Pumplehandle suplex(rev Fall-away)
---Knee att 2
---Jindrak elbow drop *(looks like my combo, but mines w 5 elbows and 5 kicks to ribcage)
---Cloverleaf(kb) [during Erik paulson 3 hr seminar]
---Deathlock w bridge/death lock (old)
---mexican stretch 2*(like rowing the boat, but wo slamming opp head on the mat)
---Leg and necklock (melina\'s kyrapractor)/STF-1
---queen angelito stretch(Fav)
----clothesline and bulldog
----turnbuckle kick combo
----Knee Attack 1/any of the other corner strikes while opp is sitting in the corner
----triangle dk
----bulldog 4 (old SvR06 Finisher)
---stomping mudhole/ mudhole strikes
----Cross pb*(outsider\\\'s edge)
----Neckbreaker 13 ( like mine, but not done outside on the edge of the ring)
_Knee Drop 3/ drop out(old)
_Diving moonsault3/(Evanesance)
_shooting star press pin(crescent moon slam)
_Extreme leg drop3(explosive legdrop)
_Diving leg drop(cannonball legdrop)
-----Clothesline 11
-----dash knife edge chop(fav)
-----Neckbreaker drop/ neckbreaker 12
-----reverse mat slam/ DDT13
----Bulldog5 *(old SvR05 finisher)
----Elbow drop 6 *(outlaw)
----Samoan drop 2(most powerful one)
----Rolling boston crab
-----Double Stomping
-----Axe kick

+ Special

Finishers can either be:
P = Primary & S = Secondary

pSuper neckbreaker pin[TSN] (triple spinning neckbreaker sRear naked choke
sCorkscrew body pin [CTMS] (corkscrew tornado moonsault)
sSpinning Figherman Suplex(high-angle TSN)
sSwinging Neckbomb
PCyclone 1/ Neckbreaker 5(F-5/ rev F-5)
sSharpshooter 1
sBackbreaker 3(old)/ Black Widow(old)
sSpider Suplex
Can alternatively have in the moveset:
-Running STO
-Tajiri karate rush 1/2(Martial Arts moveset)
-Stomping combo
-Stomp on leg
-Knee smash 2(old)
-Flapjack 1
-corkscrew body atttack
-chokeslam 4
-Sambo Suplex
-Leg Lariat(rev fame-Asser)

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