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Alex Sgro
Move by Alex Sgro

ring entrance: over the top rope
exit:roll down
Taunts: x2, rock 2, Eddie 3, Cena 5
Standing motion:wild
Walking motion: normal
running motion: normal

Standing actions-

--clothesline 2
--toe kick 2
--big boot 1
--spin back kick 1
--elbow smash 1( kickboxing classes-knees and elbows)
--Polish hammer 1/2

Clean grapples_

-Scoop slam 5
-suplex 11
-wrist clutch and elbow(sig)
-DDT 14
-Arm wringer flip

Dirty tactics_
-Eye rake 2
-Head is struck
-Head pound
-Low blow 5
-Reverse atomic drop

-Gory special 2
-Armbar 3(CSW choke sub wrestling)
-Torture rack
-Headlock 2
-Abdominal stretch 3

--- Category 1: Power
--- Moves 1:
----Towerhacker bomb pin
----Repeating pb2
----Cobra clutch bomb
----neckbreaker 5

--- Category 2: Technical
--- Moves 2:
----Suplex 8
----German suplex 7
----Northern ligts 3
----Neck lock suplex
----Tazz capture suplex (sig)

--- Category 3: Brawler
--- Moves 3:
----Throat thrust 4
----Elbow to back of head 1
----Mat slam(sig)
----Outlaw stomp 1
----Last call (fall away slam)

--- Grapple Attack:
----1st - Grapple throat thrust 1
----2nd - Grapple Elbow Strike 2
----3rd - Grapple punch 4

Grapple From Behind:
----Belly 2 back2
----Sleeper and scissors
----Full nelson bomb
---- German suplex 8
----flash back 2
----Queen suplex pin*(reverse eletric chair)
----Pumphandlesuplex*(reverse fall away)
----Sidewalk slam 4

Top of Cell Attack:
----ALL it thrusts down

+ Ground

Strike Attack:
----Moonsault splash 1
----Flip senton att
----Spiral leg drop

Grapple Moves:
----Back suplex 8
----Knee att 2
----Jindrak elbow drop *(looks like my combo, but mines w 5 elbows and 5 kicks to ribcage)

---Cloverleaf(kb) [during Erik paulson 3 hr seminar]
---mexican stretch 2*(like rowing the boat, but wo slamming opp head on the mat)
---queen angelito stretch(Fav)

+ Corner

Strike Attacks:
----clothesline and bulldog
----turnbuckle kick combo
----Knee Attack 1

Grapple Moves:
----10 punch
----triangle dk
----bulldog 4 (old SvR06 Finisher)
----clothesline 25
----monkey flip
---stomping mudhole
Grapple from behind:
----Turnbuckle Smash
----Cross pb*(outsider\'s edge)
----Mexican stretch 1 (new)
----Neckbreaker 13 ( like mine, but not done outside on the edge of the ring)
----Toss 1

+ Rope

Groggy on ropes: Knee Drop 3/ drop out(old)

Rebound Attack:
----karate kick(superkick)
----Lionsault pin
---Vaulting Body Press 2

Diving out of ring attack: Fake diving att2

+ Diving

Diving Attack vs. Standing Opp.:
----flying clothesline 2

Diving Attack vs. Downed Opp.:
----Diving moonsault3
----Extreme leg drop3
----Diving leg drop

+ Dash

Running Strikes:
----Clothesline 11
---- dash knife edge chop(fav)

Running Grapple:
----Neckbreaker drop
----reverse mat slam

Rear Techniques:
----Bulldog5 *(old SvR05 finisher)

Running ground Attack:
----Elbow drop 6 *(outlaw)

Counter Attack:
----Belly 2 belly 3
----Samoan drop 2(most powerful one)
----Rolling boston crab

+ Tag Team

Standing Tag Team:
----Double clothesline
----Death drop 2(dudley drop2)
----X mark (double superkick)
----STO and Sweep
----Double Punches 2

Corner Tag Team:
----Too cool leg drop
----Death device
----Double Stomping
----Double facebuster
----Double leg drop *(420)

+ Special

----Super neckbreaker pin[TSN] (triple spinning neckbreaker /Rear naked choke
----Corkscrew body pin

Signature Moves:
----sidebuster1/tazz capture suplex/ matt slam/pumphandle drop
----Queen angelito stretch/bulldog 4/ cross powerbomb
----Dash knife edge chop/ Rolling Boston Crab

Chair Finisher:
----DDT 23
----Van Daminator

Combination Attack:
----1st - Roundhouse kick 2 [flip] (kb Leg kick)
----2nd - Middle kick[flip] (same)
----3rd - Axe kick (Same)
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