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AJ Styles
Move by Ricasho

Standard Actions:
Ring-Slide in
Ring-Out: quick
Taunt Rowdy
Taunt Rowdy
Charlie Haas 3
Eddie Guerrero 4
Fighting Stance: wrestling 1
Walking Motion:normal
Running Motion: normal

Strike Attacks:
dropkick 1
toe kick 1
back chop 4
Booker T spinning kick( this is the best replacement for his spinning kick but if u can hack use the spinning kick thats a finisher)
Back kick
Middle kick

Grapple Moves:
arm drag 3
Small package
Snapmare 2
DDT 14
Neckbreaker 15

hammer lock
Ground headlock
Headlock 4
Arm Wrench 1
Arm Wrench 3

Moves 1 (Luchadore)
Victory roll pin 3
back suplex 1
Cruiserweight moves 6
Crucifix Head Scissor
Hurracanrana 1

Moves 2 (technical):
Reverse Neckbreaker
Gutbuster 2
Northern Lights Suplex 3
Clothesline 22
Suplex 2

Moves 3 (Power)
Back Chop 7
Clothesline 18
Powerbomb 13
Lift up drop(does this a lot on the indies)
Back & Neckbreaker 2(for his tower bomb, i used this one because he doesnt pin right after his powerbomb-like move.)

Grapple Attack:
elbow strike 1
elbow strike 1
elbow strike 1

Grapple from behind:
Elbow to back of head 2
Backslide pin
Cruiserweight moves 2
Back suplex 4
Pumphandle drop(pump-handle- gut buster)
German suplex 4
German Suplex pin 2
Electric chair drop(for his facebuster like move)
Turning Facing front
belly to back 2

Strike Attacks:
Angry Stomp
flip senton attack 1
Double Knee drop

Grapple Moves:
Head scissor Roll over
Ric Flair Knee Drop or Oriental knee drop
Back Suplex 9
Stomp on Leg
Kick to back
Deathlock with bridge

elbow attack 6
Turnbuckle dropkick 2
Grapple Moves:
Clothesline 25
Superplex 1
Super Hurracanrana
Triangle dropkick
Tiger mask(matches his version of the move perfectly)
stomping mudhole

Grapple from Behind:
Dropkick and school boy pin
Turnbuckle Smash
Double Axe Handle 6(for his turn around cross body)
super back suplex
forearm to back

Groggy on ropes:
springboard ddt(for his flipping DDT)

Rebound Attack:
Shoulder block 2
Dropkick to Knee 3
Moonsault attack

Diving out of ring attack:
rope flip 1

Diving Attack vs. Standing Opp.:
Diving Crossbody pin 2 or Diving closthesline(it is a great replacement for his elbow move)
Diving Hurracanrana

Diving Attack vs. Downed Opp.:
Corkscrew body pin
Shooting Star Press 1(i use it for his outside shooting star)
Diving Moonsault 2

Running Stikes:
clothesline 9
spinning wheel kick(for his running wheel kick he does)

Running Grapple:
headscissor takedown 2
victory roll pin 2(Aj does this a lot and uses it to set up the styles clash from this postion)

Rear Techniques:
school boy pin 2
neckbreaker 12

Running ground attack:
elbow drop 5
elbow drop 5

Counter Attack:
powerslam 1
Back body drop 1
flapjack & dropkick(i like this as a good rebound move for his dropkick but if u can hack use the \\\"front dropkick grapple move)

Facebuster 2(i used this as it is way stronger and looks very similar to the Clash)
Landing pin

Signature Moves:
u decide

Chair Finishers:
Combination Attack:
elbow smash 1 (2x
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