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Amish Roadkill
CAW by WolfgangJT & Zurick

Formula by tjohnnyblue

Name Amish Roadkill
Hud Roadkill
Nickname Angry
Placement Suffix
Announcer Introduction Robert
Hometown Pennsylvania
Weight Super Heavyweight 302 lbs.
Match Tactic Clean
Show Smackdown!
Voice 1


Head 0,22,13,-68
Eyebrows 100,-45,-77,18
Eyes 0,14,-11,24,16,0,-19
Nose 0,29,100,-36,21,-40,16,-30
Cheek 12,42,37,-7
Mouth -88,-44,6,-21,-27,-21,-56
Jaw -90,17,-10,0,-3,100
Ear 13,100,-29,-7
Age 25

Body Type Ripped/Thick (-85)

Advanced Options

Head 0,34,43
Neck -12,40,100
Chest 31,-4,34
Shoulder -99,56,-33
Abdomen 0,51,73
Waist 58,53
Arms 0,9,-37
Hands 0,0,0
Legs 0,13,22
Feet 0,0,0

Body Height 6 Ft. 0 In.


1.Body Skin (1) 96,48,50
2.Face Skin (3)
3.Eyes (1) 95,30,35
4.Eyebrows (1) 97,50,47,87
5.Eyelids Hacked: Shoes (46) (1) 43,0,0
6.Lip (27) 98,50,50,100
7.Teeth Default
8.Hair (91) 81,50,50
9.Bodyhair Hacked: L_Hemeline (49) (1) 100,12,60
10.Underwear Hacked: Pants (19) (1) 43,0,10,0
11.Head Tattoo Design (147) Rotate Once 2nd Hor. 3rd Ver. Place centered directly under the right half of the bottom lip. 96,22,68,100
12.Repeat Layer 11 under the left half of the bottom lip.
13.Head Tattoo Design (153) 3rd Hor. Smallest Ver. Place just below the bottom left side of the chin, on the top left side of the neck there. 40,50,0,100
14.Repeat Layer 13 on the top right side of the neck.
15.Goatee (5) 95,42,32,100
16.Goatee (8) 95,50,24,100
17.Make Up (128) 97,50,41,64
18.Head Tattoo Design (147) Rotate Once 2nd Hor. 3rd Ver. Place centered directly under the bottom lip. 96,22,68,90
19.Wrist Bands (8) (1) 43,0,61,26,74
20.Wrist Bands (1) (1) 96,32,45,100,89
21.Body Accessories (18) 100,3,35,100
22.Hats (22) (1) 43,50,0 (Uncheck Match in Display Set-Up)
23. and 24. will be placed on each cheek to smooth off top of each side of the goatee and cover the light colored point that sticks out each side of the top of the goatee. Both are Head Tattoo Design (147) 3rd Hor. 3rd Ver. 96,21,70,52
25.Head Tattoo Design (147) Rotate Once 3rd Hor. Largest Ver. Place centered between the bottom of the nose and top lip. 96,22,69,52
26.Make Up (135) 97,49,52,100
27.Make Up (76) 97,50,91,0
28.Make Up (44) 97,45,50,71
29.Make Up (49) 96,37,17,100
30.Head Tattoo Design (139) Rotate Twice Largest Hor. Largest Ver. Place centered covering the front of the nose. 96,43,57,25
31.Head Tattoo Logos (49) Rotate Twice 2nd Hor. Smallest Ver. Place centered a half inch below the bottom lip, covering that part of the goatee. 92,100,5,100
32.Head Tattoo Design (147) Rotate Once Smallest Hor. 3rd Ver. Place centered on the front of the nose, covering the bottom of the nose. 97,21,73,47

A1 Fighting Style
1.Balanced 2.Balanced
Signs are your choice
Moves Aggressive, Less all other choices


Stage Andre the Giant, None, None, Normal, Off 10,12,5,7
Ramp Andre the Giant, None, None, Normal, On 1,1,1,1
Ring In Normal 02, None, None, Normal, Off 11,11,3,3
Ring Danny Basham, None, None, Normal, Off 9,10,5,6
Movie Logo
Music Danny Basham
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