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Amazing Red
CAW by Mukokushi

Name: The Amazing Red
HUD Name: Red
Nickname: Default
Nickname Placement: none
Announcer Introduction: Jonathan (it's his real name)
Hometown: New York
Gender: Male
Weight Class: his real weight is 147 lbs, that makes him a Diva in this game, i made him 150 lbs though so he can be a cruiserweight
Match Tactic: Fight Clean
Show: your choice
voice: voice-1

Head: 12,-44,23,20
Eyebrows: 100,-44,40,-14
Eyes: -42,36,82,61,-40,56,3
Nose: -26,0,7,-48,19,5,-3,-25
Cheek: -99,-53,-33,-81
Mouth: -99,25,-51,-37,29,11,25
Jaw: 3,8,-99,-99,-70,-1
Ear: -51,10,0,-99
Age: 0

*morphing Continued*
Hair: 80/91 95,70,26,0
eyes: 16/26 98,50,32
Eyebrows: 44/48 94,50,29,66
Lips: 34/35 99,50,50,100
Face Skin: 3/8
Body Type: ripped<->thick: 0

advanced options:
Head: 51,49,20
Neck: -51,-33,-12
Chest: 0,5,8
Shoulder: 1,-14,-37
Abdomen: 2,19,7
Waist: 0,0
Arms: 0,-14,27
Hands: 0,0,0
Legs: 0,29,64
Feet: -27,-18,3

Body Skin: 9/9
Body Height: 5'6"

Wrist Bands: make it on the arm that is too your left. 1/20 100,1,11,100,72

Wrist bands: Make it on the other arm this time. 1/20, 99,50,47,100,72

Elbow Pads: 14/16 43,1,10,100

Torso Clothes Womens: 35/43 99,50,50,100,87

Belt: 9/29 93,3,37,100

Belt: 16/29 97,6,0,100

Tights: 1/20 100,50,50,100,0

shoes: 1/48 97,55,50

feet accessories: 2/18 100,58,50,100

Knee Pads: make it on the leg to your right 7/15 43,4,28,100

Hats: 14/28 100,50,50

**attire designs**

Torso Designs Back: make it long enough to cover up the laces on the back of the abdomen attire. however don't let it hit the red upper portion. in the layer list, move it so it is after the black belt around his waste, this will make the belt go over the design and will eliminate any excess sticking out. 40,2,63,82

** move the black belt and this design to the first 2 layers after "underwear" so it will go underwear,belt,pattern_simple

Leg Designs: 138/162 place this behind the knee pad in the layers this, this is so the knee pad covers up the lower portion of the diamond. make it stick out at the top of the pad. looks at the pics for reference in size. 79,1,0,100

Leg Designs: 138/162 make this a tiny bit smaller and make it so it can be seen over the knee pad. place it so the top half of the diamond is being outlined but the black diamond underneath the knee pad. look at pics for reference. 79,1,0,100

*make a duplicate of the last 2 leg designs using the copy feature, do the exact same thing on the back of the knee pad.

Torso designs back: 153/162 make this really small and horizontal, you should notice a bit of grey coming out onto the black belt on the back, use this to fill in the mistake, obviously making it black.

Torso design front: 138/162 place this in the bridge between his chest and abdomen, look at pics for reference. 79,50,0,100

Torso design front: 138/162 place this in the same spot as above but a bit lower so you get a black outline 79,0,49,100

*make a copy of the last 2 torso patterns and do the exact same thing but on the back.

Leg Pattern Picture: 114/144 place this on the side of red's right leg (your left) just slightly above the knee. make rotate it so the long part of the butterfly is pointint toward the knee and make it long enough so it sticks out to the front of the leg a little bit. pics for reference. 79,0,28,100

A.I. Fighting Style 1: Luchador
Fighting Style 2: Luchador
Crowd Signs: i choosed anything with rey mysterio

Move: clever
Irish Whip: often
Diving Moves: Often
Taunt: Less

Strength: 7
Submission: 7.5
Durability: 7
Technique: 9
Speed: 9.5
Charisma: 8.5
Hardcore: 5.5
Stamina: 8.5
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