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AJ Styles
CAW by Moby

first thing head morphing.
head -97,-12,-35,-1

then go to advanced morphing and make these changes
head 1.-3,1
neck 5,0,2
chest -1,-27,0
shoulder -97,-3,-10
body skin 1/9 color 96,50,50

go to edit screen and edit these layers
hair 1/91 95,51,36
side burns 7/17 95,48,39,56
elbow pads 4/16 1/45 100,65,42,100
underwear 21/25 1/45 100,72,64
wrist bands 1/20 1/45 100,55,41,100,86

now while your still in edit screen go and delete these layers coat,shoes & knee pads

now add these layers back
knee pads 3/15 1/45 100,0,13,100
socks 1/48 1/45 100,72,37,100,16
shoes 1/48 1/45 30,0,13
feet accessories 3/18

help pics for what you have done so far

next edit the word that was on the jacket it should still be there during entrance if not its its word 97/143
smallest verticle,2nd smallest horizontal move down on left leg below the A.J. letters. color 37,5,13,100

next edit the A.J. on underwear change color to black

next the number #1 on right leg change color to black

next the two outline circles around the emblems on the legs they are the pattern simple 159/162 change color to black 100,0,12,100

last the necklace body accessories 1/38 color 100,0,25,100

this completes the A.J. with red,black & white attire
and shorter hair.

cheers moby1

next a update for my Samoa joe caw in archives

first edit go to advanced options in body morphing
body type ripped -23
chest 47,8,43
abdomen -70,65,44
waist 81,77
legs 29,59,36

next go to edit screen and delete these layers
layer #22 wrist bands
layers # 26,27,28 left hand tape

next edit tights 1/20 3/45 change color 86,0,32,100,87
for black & white stripes

next add these layers
gloves 6/18 1/45 43,0,36

right leg pattern wwe logos 38/64 rotate 3 times 2nd smallest vertical,largest horizontal 32,0,69,100
check pic for placement

left leg pattern wwe logo 38/64 rotate 1 time 2nd smallest vertical, largest horizontal 32,0,69,100
check pic for placement

next to make the towel for entrance & cutscene
the first layer will be a x if its not placed stright go to edit screen after the last layer is added and move it
as needed

torso pattern simple 152/162 3rd largest vertical,largest horizontal 40,0,81,100 check pic for placement

body accessories 8/38 color 0,21,89,73
check pic for placement

that does it for the samoa joe update cheers moby1

next and update for my christopher daniels in archives
body tweaking and black attire & coat design

first go to advanced body morphing and make these changes
chest -18,-5,0
abdomen -48,13,18
waist 0,14
arms -34,-7,-18
legs 9,2,6
feet -3,5,5

next go to edit screen and delete these layers
#15 tights
#14 wrist bands
#21 through #26 hand tape on both hands

next go to edit screen and edit
underwear 19/25 1/45 color 43,0,12

next edit move logos on right side of underwear to the left side and they will be made smaller also

patter picture 136/144 samallest vertical,largest horizontal place down as far as iit will go

letter sign 02/08 2nd smallest vertical,largest horizontal

gloves 7/18 1/45 color 43,0,12

next were making a new desing for right leg of underwear it will take two layers

torso pattern simple 2/162 roate 1 time 2nd smallest vertical,smallest horizontal 41,0,81,100
place on right leg of underwear as far down as it will go
then copy this layer and place beside of the last layer
check help pic above for placement.

next we will be making the design for the coat used in entrance or cutscene your choice remember to edit these layers so they will be turned off during the match.

add these in order to the coat
body paint 7/58 color 100,0,72,100
body paint 12/58 color 100,0,72,100
body paint 26/58 color 100,0,42,100
body paint 34/58 color 100,0,26,100
body paint 35/58 color 100,0,26,100
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