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Saving Modifier Codes for Superstars
Credit: Destiny

Here is how to save the "Hidden Character Unlockables", "Show Modifiers", "Attribute Point Modifiers", "Match Tactics Modifiers", "Weight Class Modifiers" & "Text Modifiers" codes!

Its really simple and it has been proven that it works by Sergio.

OK, here are the steps:

1. Turn SvR06 on with the "Hidden Character Unlockables" code on.

2. Now save your profile and your game data by going to "Options" -> "Save".

3. Now reset your PS2 so the codes are no longer active.

4. Once the game has loaded and you reach the main menu go to "Options" again and select "Load".

5. Load the data up from the memory card you just saved the codes too.

6. And thats it, the "Hidden Character Unlockables" code will be saved, however, every time you turn on SvR06 you will have to follow step 4.

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