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Money In The Bank Match

credit: Trigin
match by: sergio517

In order to play this match choose a 6 Man Battle Royal Select the WRESTLEMANIA 21 Arena for Authentication.

Note: This code works ONLY in a Normal 6 Man Battle Royal In ANY Arena

CB2 & GS2v3+ [NTSC]
E0050122 003DA4B0
003DA4BB 00000001
003DA4B7 00000000
003DA4B1 00000000
003DA4C3 00000001
003DA4B4 00000000

GS2v3+ (PAL) & Xploder
E0050122 003D9130
003D913B 00000001
003D9137 00000000
003D9131 00000000
003D9143 00000001
003D9134 00000000

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