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Match Rules Codes (NTSC)

These codes let you mix & match certain match types together to make you own custom matches.

NOTE: I haven't really tested any of these codes, but once I start making codes later, I'll fix any of the Match Rules that might not work properly. -Trigin

Credit: Trigin

CB2 & GS2v3+ (NTSC)

Battle Royal always on
003DA4BB 00000000

Battle Royal never on
003DA4BB 00000001

Bra-&-Panties always on
003DA4D7 00000001

Bra-&-Panties never on
003DA4D7 00000000

Cage always on
003DA4B9 00000001

Cage never on
003DA4B9 00000000

Captain Falls always on
003DA4CE 00000001

Captain Falls never on
003DA4CE 00000000

DQs always on
003DA4CB 00000001

DQs never on
003DA4CB 00000000

Elimination Chamber (glitched) always on
003DA4D9 00000001

Elimination Tag always on
003DA4CD 00000001

Elimination Tag never on
003DA4CD 00000000

First Blood always on
003DA4D8 00000001

First Blood never on
003DA4D8 00000000

Give Up always on
003DA4B7 00000001

Give Up never on
003DA4B7 00000000

HIAC always on
003DA4C4 00000001

HIAC never on
003DA4C4 00000000

Interference never on
003DA4D0 00000000

Ironman/Ultimate Submission always on
003DA4B0 00000031
003DA4BC 00000001
003DA4C6 00000001

Ironman/Ultimate Submission never on
003DA4BC 00000000
003DA4C6 00000000

KOs always on
003DA4B2 00000001

KOs never on
003DA4B2 00000000

Ladder Match always on
003DA4C3 00000001

Laddder Match never on
003DA4C3 00000000

Last Man Standing always on
003DA4CA 00000001

Last Man Standing never on
003DA4CA 00000000

Match Timer: 10 Minutes
003DA4B8 0000000A

Match Timer: 15 Minutes
003DA4B8 0000000F

Match Timer: 20 Minutes
003DA4B8 00000014

Match Timer: 30 Minutes
003DA4B8 0000001E

Match Timer: 45 Minutes
003DA4B8 0000002D

Match Timer: 60 Minutes
003DA4B8 0000003C

Match Timer: Infinite
003DA4B8 00000000

Normal Tag always on
003DA4BE 00000001

Overhead Camera always on
003DA4C1 00000001

Overhead Camera never on
003DA4C1 00000000

Pinfalls always on
003DA4B1 00000001

Pinfalls never on
003DA4B1 00000000

Ring Out always on
003DA4B4 00000000

Ring Out never on
003DA4B4 00000001

Ring Out Count always on
003DA4B5 0000000A

Ring Out Count never on
003DA4B5 00000000

Rope Break always on
003DA4B3 00000001

Rope Break never on
003DA4B3 00000000

Royal Rumble never on
003DA4B6 00000000

Slobber Knocker always on
003DA4B0 00000032
003DA4C7 00000001

Slobber Knocker never on
003DA4C7 00000000

Start of Match Mini-Games always on
003DA4DA 00000001

Start of Match Mini-Games never on
003DA4DA 00000000

Table Match always on
003DA4C2 00000001

Table Match never on
003DA4C2 00000000

TLC Match always on
003DA4C8 00000001

TLC Match never on
003DA4C8 00000000

Tornado Tag always on
003DA4BE 00000000

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