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For "WWE SmackDown! Vs. RAW 2006," the codes archived on this site will -> "ONLY" <- work along with the (M)asterCodes (also known as [M] Code, Enable Code or Must Be On) in this topic. Too, if you use the codes archived on this site along with the (M)asterCodes made at,, etc., they will -> "NOT" <- work.

The (M)asterCode is required to be first, above all other codes in its SmackDown! Vs. RAW file directory. If this is ignored, the codes in this board will -> "NOT" <- work.

To use the codes archived in this board properly, it is best to create a new directory on the cheat-device, & name it, "SvR06" (or something similar to the name, "WWE SmackDown! Vs. RAW 2006"); then use them, beginning with the (M) Code in the new directory, ONLY.

Credit: Trigin, &

CB2v1+, GS2 v3 & v4 (NTSC & PAL) & Xploder v1 ~ v4 (PAL)
F0100008 0000000E

GS BroadBand Enabled (NTSC), GS Media Player (NTSC) & Xploder BroadBand Enabled (PAL)
760E1D70 00000000
980B860C 78D09A1E

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