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Gameshark Official Codes
(These codes are saveable)

These codes are from, they are the official codes for gameshark devices, and are in no way related to the other codes on this site which were made by Code X.

Codes for gameshark with media player or broadband enabled:

Mastercode (M)
760e1d70 00000000
980b860c 78d09a1e

All Purchases
760f24d0 00000000
285e58d8 948c883e

All Locker Room Items
7600c990 00000000
485e58d0 0c427a56
2e187d54 0ca57a65

All Trophies
760ddf40 00000000
285e58ed 948c883e

Codes for Gameshark 2 Versions 3 & 4:

Mastercode (M)
980B860C 78D09A1E

Have Purchased:
All WWE Shop

285E58D8 948C883E
All LockerRoom Shop
485E58D0 0C427A56
2E187D54 0CA57A65
Have Won:
All Trophies

285E58ED 948C883E

Credit: dvgildersleeve

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