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ECW Season


Credit: Trigin
Created by: Destiny

Basically this code is a mixture of Match Rules mods and all you have to do is play season with these codes enabled.
When you have this code on all of the season cut scenes will be located in the ECW ring, a few of the cut scenes the pysics will go wrong, and on others they will be fine. As well as the arena changing all of the rules will be set to ECW rules. I recomend using an ECW superstar like RVD, Spike Dudley Steven Richards, etc.
When the superstar ID mods are avaliable I can work on this idea some more, but until then enjoy your sorta ECW season.

CB2 & GS2v3+ (NTSC)

003DA920 00000002
003DA4CB 00000000
203DA914 00110011
003DA4C1 00000001
003DA4B4 00000000
003DA4B5 00000000
003DA4B3 00000000

GS2v3+ (PAL) & Xploder

003D95A0 00000002
003D914B 00000000
203D9594 00110011
003D9141 00000001
003D9133 00000000
003D9134 00000000
003D9131 00000002

NOTE: This code is 99.9% "Freeze Free".

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