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SD! vs RAW 2006 Moves

Name ↓ Creator
Delirious The Whole Dam Show
DeVito (Da Baldies) bazooka956
Diablo Max the Great
Diamond Dallas Page (DDP) (3) Show
1 thechosenone05
2 BikeMiketheMOD
3 CaptainHowdy187
Dino Bravo (WWF) BigMiketheMOD
Dixie Clements (Rumble Roses) Dazz Hardy
Doink The Clown (3) Show
1 newyorkkid
2 prophecy232
3 BigMikeTheMOD
Doink The Clown (Heel) Kryptonite Krunch
Don Muraco BigMikeTheMOD
Donkee The-Enigma-Lives
Doug Basham (Special only) Dreamer's Biggest Fan
Dragon Lord John Mercer TheDragonicWarrior
Dynamite Kid (3) Show
1 billington
2 The Whole Dam Show
3 CaptainHowdy187
Earthquake (WWF) BigMiketheMOD
Eddie Guerrero BONAFIDE
Eddie Guerrero (2004-2005) Fabri Fibra
Eddie Guerrero (WCW) BigMiketheMOD
Edge (3) Show
1 ZhangJunyi
2 manuzekid
3 InFiNiTe7924
Edge (1990s) Ravnos
El Mistico Ricasho
Elijah Burke (2) Show
1 Blzjay
2 Kryptonite Krunch
Elix Skipper (TNA) BigMiketheMOD
Eric Bischoff Maxnificent
Eric Draven MorbidMizery
Eric Young The Ricasho
Eugene (Heel) hulkhoganfan
Exodecai DarkSith
EZ Money bazooka956
Fertig the Vampire Tazz
Fit Finlay (4) Show
1 ravnos
2 ZhangJunyi
3 J-Man2021
4 AirSabu
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