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SD! vs RAW 2006 Moves

Name ↓ Creator
Barry Darsow InKane
Barry Windham (WCW/NWA) BigMiketheMOD
Batista (3) Show
1 ZhangJunyi
2 CaptainHowdy187
3 Wolmanatrix
Beau Douglas SK3
Beth Phoenix The Nomad Soul
Big Bossman (WWF) BigMiketheMOD
Big John Studd (Heel) BigMikeTheMOD
Big Show (ECW) biggest rvd fan
Big Show (WWE) BigMiketheMOD
Big Van Vader CaptainHowdy187
Billy Gunn CaptainHowdy187
Billy Kidman (2) Show
1 Tonza
2 CaptainHowdy187
Billy Kidman (WCW/NWA) BigMiketheMOD
BJ Whitmer Shroomie
Blue Blazer (WWF) BigMiketheMOD
Blue Meanie keithclark
Blue Meanie (Indy) Kryptonite Krunch
Bob Backlund SK3
Bobby 'The Waterboy' Boucher JLRAVER2006
Bobby Eaton (WCW/NWA) BigMiketheMOD
Bobby Lashley (14) Show
1 La Ricasho
2 ZhangJunyi
3 The Real Deal
4 liger
5 Stephen Guyton
6 batistabomb
7 bee bee
8 Sandman
9 AirSabu
10 The Ricasho
11 wss12-DX
12 The Ricasho
13 biggest rvd fan
14 RealisticCAW
Bobby Lashley (Finishers Only) (2) Show
1 datcrazyspaniard
2 Shado13
Bobby Roode The Whole Dam Show
Boogeyman (4) Show
1 Jeff Hardy's Mutant Clone
2 Unknown
3 (bwA)Psicosis
4 guy boogeyman
Booker T ZhangJunyi
Booker T (King Booker) Bee Bee
Boris Zhukov (WWF) BigMiketheMOD
Brandon TheXtremeGame
Bret Hart (2) Show
1 Nike The Bike
2 CaptainHowdy187
Bret Hart (Face, WWF) BigMiketheMOD
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