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SD! vs RAW 2006 Moves

Name ↓ Creator
Alex Shelley (Finishers Only) MKO*
Alexis Laree MC
Alexis Vixen LuckySeven
Amazing Red (3) Show
1 The Whole Dam Show
2 BigMiketheMOD
3 CJ_Hardy
Amber O'Neal AdamP
American Dragon (ROH) Liger
Amish Roadkill EraOfHonor
Andre The Giant ManicH6
Andre The Giant (Heel, WWF) BigMiketheMOD
Angel (Da Baldies) (2) Show
1 bazooka956
2 Bazooka956
Anima F.O.T.
Animal (LOD, Face, WWF) BigMiketheMOD
Animal (Road Warrior) ZhangJunyi
Anthony mortalkombatrules
Antonio showstopa123
Antonio Inoki SK3
April Hunter (2) Show
1 Mben
2 BigMiketheMOD
Arn Anderson (Heel, WCW) BigMiketheMOD
Arn Anderson (WWF) BigMiketheMOD
Ashley Massaro (4) Show
1 Destiny
2 Liger
3 italian guy
4 CenaFan101
Austin Aries (3) Show
1 Mccc301
2 BigMiketheMOD
3 The Ricasho
Awesome Kong (Finishers Only) johnny2008
Axl Rotten bazooka956
B Boy (Puro) BigMiketheMOD
B. Brian Blair BigMiketheMOD
Baketa Irish-95
Balls Mahoney (2) Show
1 Immolate
2 BigMikeTheMOD
Bam Bam Bigelow (3) Show
1 emexpeeex6
2 Sawyer
3 BigMiketheMOD
Bambi (Disney) PBA2684
Barbarian (Heel, WWF) BigMiketheMOD
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