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Freak Show
CAW by HBK:316

Pics by williamleighton

Name: The Freak Show
Call Name: The Freak
Classification: Super Heavyweight
Gender: Male
Tactics: Dirty
Show: RAW
Signs: Son Of The Beast ; A Match Made In Hell

Logic1: Brawler
Logic2: Striker
Move: Aggressive
Irish Whip: Often
Diving Moves: Less Often
Taunt: Often

Body Toning: -100

Body Parts:
Face Skin: 11/13
Body Skin: 2/4
Skin Color: COLOR 5
Hair: 63/88 (x:-92 y:-100) (x:0) (x:24)
Body Hair: 32/32 (x:-96 y:-70) (x:0) (x:100)
Eyebrows: 11/154 (x:-100 y:-100) (x:0)
Eyes: 10/12 (x:100 y:100) (x:0)
Facial Hair: 69/84 (x:-84 y:-100) (x:0) (x: 100)
Lips: 5/65 (x:-100 y:-100) (x:0)

Face Morphing:
Head: (x:42 y:-21) (x:-4)
Eyebrows: (x:13 y:100) (y:100)
Eyes: (x:25 y:-23) (x:-100 y:100)
Nose: (x: 28 y:-16) (x:1 y:-5)
Cheek: (x:-23 y:11) (x:41 y:51)
Mouth: (x:22 y:23) (x:34 y:41)
Jaw: (x:0 y:0) (x:0 y:0)
Ear: (x:0 y:0) (x:0 y:0)
Age: (x:100)

Full Body Scaling:
Head: (x:25 y:55) (y:100)
Neck: (x:100 y:100) (y:67)
Chest: (x:36 y:26) (y:-36)
Shoulder: (x:32 y:49)
Abdomen: (x:29 y:33) (y:1)
Arms: (x:49 y:55) (y:-21)
Hands: (x:0 y:0)
Waist: (x:30 y:30)
Legs: (x:43 y:30) (x:0 y:100)
Feet: ALL 100

Height: (y:100)

Dress Up Head:
Make-Up: 14/60 (x:-100 y:-100) (x:100)
Piercing: 13/13 DEFAULT
Head Paint: 9/152 (x:-100 y:100) (x:100) (x:0)
Head Paint: 10/152 (x:-100 y:-100) (x:0) (x:100)

Dress Up Upper:
Long Hemline: 69/69 (x:12 y:-100) (x:-100) (x:100)
Upper Body Accessories: 20/24 (x:-91 y:52) (x:-100) (x:100)

Dress Up Arms:
Gloves: 5/7 (x:12 y:-100) (x:0)

Dress Up Lower:
Pants: 19/19
*Move Long Hemline & Upper Body Accessories Over The Pants Layer*

Dress Up Feet:
Shoes: 1/45 (x:12 y:-100) (x:0)
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