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Sheamus O'Shaunessy
Move by wweHHHthegame

Date added: 1st May 2009
Viewed: 4921 times
Rating: 7.7/10 (18 votes)

Standard Actions:You decide.

Strike Attacks:Punch to head,Double Axe hammer 1,Clothesline 3,Big Boot 1,Toe Kick 1.
Fists of Fury:Slap 1,Slap 1 horizontly,Sppinning Back Elbow.
Grapple Moves*
Quick Grapple:Undertaker Knee Strike 1,Body Punch 2,Toe Kick 4,Big Punch 1.
Strong Grapple 1:Headbutt 2,Scoop Slam 6,SS Bearhug,Backbreaker 6.
Ultimate Control 1:Oklahoma.
Strong Grapple 2:SS Chin Lock,Suplex 5,Clothesline 20,Powerful Knee Strike 1.
Ultimate Control 2:Powerbomb.
Grapple From Behind:Forearm Smash,Atomic Drop,Back Suplex 5,Headbutt 3.

Strikes:Angry Stomp,Elbow Drop 3,Elbow Drop 1.
Grapples:SS Camel Clutch,Knee Drop 1,Outlaw Stomp 3,Knee Smash,Toss,Camel Clutch.

Strikes:Turnbuckle Clothesline 2 X2,Knee Attack 1.
Grapples:Knee Strike,Back Elbow Strike,Superflex,Toss to Turnbuckle.
Grapple from Behind:Forearm to Back,Super Back Suplex,Toss into Ring Post,Side Slam 2.
Sitting in Corner:Running Knee Strike 1.

Groggy Against Ropes:Top Rope Choke.
Outside Springboard Attacks:Vaulting Body Press 3.
Diving Outside Ring Attack:Vaulting Body Press 1.

Diving vs Standing:Diving Clothesline,Over Castle.
Diving vs Downed:Diving Elbow Drop 1 X2.

Running Strikes:Clothesline 15,Bicycle Kick.
Grapple:Spear 7 X2.
Grapple from Behind:School Boy Roll Up X2.
Ground Strikes:Elbow Drop 4,Double Axe Handle 4.
Irish Whip Rebound:Spear 7 X2.

Tag Team:You Decide.

Signatures:Low Blow 4,Diving Crossbody.
Finishers:Celtic Slam(Dreamer Driver),Firey Red Hand(CAF)

Firey Red Hand:
Ckokeslam Clutch 02(1st move)
Ckokeslam Clutch 03(2nd move)
Two Handed Chokeslma Clutch 03(3rd move)
Two Handed Chokeslam Drop(4th move)
Two Handed Chokeslam Impact(5th move)

Adjust speed as you like.
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