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Hulk Hogan
Move by KRadiation

Date added: 2nd October 2009
Viewed: 5462 times
Rating: 5.6/10 (16 votes)

punches 1:Chop

punches 2:Uppercut

kicks 1:Default

grabs 1:German Suplex

grabs 2:Cutter

grabs 3:Eye Rake

grabs 4:Fireman's Back Slam

grabs 5:Death Valley Driver

grabs 6:Clothesline

grabs 7:Atomic Drop

Counters 1:Eye Rake

Counters 2:Default

aerial 1:Default


aerial 2:Shoulder Butt

aerial 3:Default

finishers:Jackknife Powerbomb/Dragon Suplex
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