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Finishers Selection
Move by floke5

Date added: 2nd February 2010
Viewed: 4816 times
Rating: 8.7/10 (15 votes)

RVD - Canadian Destroyer (when he's running he makes a rolling over the opponent)
Jeff Hardy - Angel Wings (Sit Down Facebuster); Shellshock (looks a little like Twist of Fate)
Matt Hardy - Shellshock; Unprettier (he makes an attack that looks like it); Black Hole Slam (Side Effect)
Batista - Jackknife Powerbomb; Gore (Spinebuster to Spear)
John Cena - Cradle Shock (Attitude Adjustment Pin); Death Valley Driver (bad landing Attitude Adjustment)
Rey Mysterio - Sonjay Cutter (in svr, if you make his finisher [619] out of the ring, he'll make a DDT)
Randy Orton - WheelBarrow Neckbreaker (Eye Rake to Camel Clutch Grabing to Reverse RKO)
Bobby Lashley - Gore (Spear); The Border Toss (Dominator)
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