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SmackDown! Here Comes The Pain

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Mikey Whipwreck
Move by Human Highlight Reel

Ring In Move: Quick
Ring Out Move: One Handstand Ring Out
Taunt #1: Hand Beating
Taunt #2: Stamping 1
Taunt #3: Taunt Eddit Guerrero 1
Taunt #4: Taunt Christian 2
Fighting Style: Mysterious 5
Walking Style: Normal
Running Style: Normal
Winning Style: Tajiri
Entrence Movie: Kane
Entrence Moves: Tajiri
Entrence Music: Rhyno

Ready Moves
Attack: Dropkick 2, Toe Kick 1, Back Chop 2, Angle Puches, Shuffle Sidekick 1, Dropkick To Knee 3
Submission Grapple -Grapple 4 -Jumping Armbreaker 1 -Backslide Pin 1 -Dragon Screw 1 -Leg To Arm
Signiture Grapple -Grapple 10 -Bomb To Facebuster -Super Kick 1 -Brainbuster DDT 2 -Hurracanrana 3
Power Grapple -Grapple 9 -Backbreaker 4 [The-Big-Hurt] -Flapjack 1 [Unholy Driver] -Manhattan Drop 2 -Backbreaker 10
Quick Grapple -Grapple 5 -Poison Mist 1 [Water Mist] -Wrist Clutch & Elbow 2 -Swinging Neckbreaker -Suplex Pin 3
Ready Moves -Grapple Elbow Strike 1 -Grapple Punch 1 -Grapple Elbow Strike 2
Back Grapple: Atomic Drop, Backbreaker 7, Back Suplex 9, Forearm Smash, German Suplex Pin 2, Russian Leg Sweep 2, Octopus Stretch 2, School Boy Pin 2

Attack: Angry Stomp, Elbow Drop 2, Leg Drop
Grapple: Cross Armbreaker 2, Bow Backbreaker, Camel Clutch 2, Bow And Arrow Lock, Deathlock With Bridge, Sit Down Facecrusher

Attack: On The Top Rope, Turnbuckle Dropkick 1, Turnbuckle Dropkick 2
Grapple: Superplex 1, Hanging In Reverse, Frankensteiner [Franken-Mikey], Turnbuckle Body Strike
Lower Grapple: Foot Choke 2
Back Grapple: Dropkick & School Boy Pin, Goldust Toss, Turnbuckle Toe Kick, Shoulder Strike

Rope opponent
Rope Down: Throw Onto The Rope
Rebound Attack: Flying Forearm Smash 2, Dropkick To Knee 4, Extreme Body Press
Jump Down Over: Rope Flip 2

Stand: Diving Hurracanrana, Flying Clothesline
Down: Elbow Drop 3, Diving Headbutt 1, Diving Leg Drop

Attack: Clothesline 7, The Rock Elbow Attack
Grapple: Neckbreaker 1, Running Backslide Pin
Back Grapple: Bulldog 2, School Boy Pin 2
Counter: Hip Toss 1, Whirl Back Breaker, Tilt A Whirl Sideslam 2

Double Team
Stand Double Beat Head Double Facecrusher Double Flapjack Double Suplex 1 [Mikey/Tajiri Double Brainbuster] Double Dropkick
Turnbuckle: Facebuster 1, Groin Press , Hip Toss, Stungun & Neckbreaker

Finisher #1: Stone Cold Stunner 1 [Whippersnapper]
Finisher #2: Osaka Street Cutter [Float-Over Whippersnapper]
Favorite #1: Backbreaker 4 [The Big Hurt]
Favorite #2: Hurracanrana 3
Favorite #3: Flapjack 1 [Unholy Driver]
Special Weapon #1: DDT
Special Weapon #2: DDT
Combination Moves #1: Angle Punches
Combination Moves #2: Back Elbow Smash
Combination Moves #3: Dropkick 2
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