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SmackDown! Here Comes The Pain

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Kevin Northcutt
Move by Greer316

Ring in:Over the Rope
Ring Out:Over the Rope
Taunt:Come on 1, Cut the air 1, Cut throat, Taunt Hardcore holly
Winning Move:Your Choice
Entrance:your choice
Music and video: Your Choice
Ready Moves:
Back chop 2, Toe kick 1, Back chop 1, Austin punches 3,2,1

Standing crossface 2, Headlock 1, Hangman chokehold 1, Suplex 4

Body press drop, Cross Backbreaker, Wrist clutch suplex, Backbreaker 3

Powerbomb 15, Backbreaker 2, Body press drop fw, Powerbomb 3

Arm wrench and hook kick 1, The rock slap, Club to neck 3, Scoop slam and knee

Back Attack:
School boy roll up, Low blow 6, Forearm smash, Back rake, Reverse full nelson
Elbow to back of head 2, Sleeper hold 2, Back suplex 4

Edge of Ceiling:It thrusts down
Attack:Angry stomp x2, elbow drop 2
Grapple: Sleeper hold 8, Mounted punching 2, Camel clutch 2
Boston crab, Stretch muffler, Kick to head
Turnbuckle clothesline x2, knee attack 1

Turnbuckle powerbomb, Back elbow strike 1, Shoulder thrust, Hangman chokehold 2
Foot choke 2

Back Attack:
D-Von neck breaker, hanging in reverse, Shoulder strike, Turnbuckle toe kick
Rope opponent:
Rope Down: Choke 3
Rebound Attack: Clothesline 7, Running leg drop, Vaulting body press 2
Jump down over: Baseball slide
Standing:Diving elbow bat, Double ax handle 3
Down: Diving leg drop, Diving fist drop, Knee drop 1
Attack: Kurt shoulder block, Clothesline 7
Grapple: Head pound 1, Reverse mat slam
Back Attack:Mat Slam 2, triple h low kick
Squatting Attack: Running leg drop x2
Counter: Belly to belly 6, whirl backbreaker, Back drop 1
Double Team:
Clothesline, beat head, Punches and full nelson, Punches 1, Flapjack

Powerbomb 1, Mudhole stomping 1, Front slam, Spike Piledriver
Special: Double Arm buster x2
Favorites:Spike piledriver, hanging in reverse, Double arm buster
Special Weapon: DDT x2
Combination moves: Back chop 1 x2, Clothesline 3
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