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SmackDown! Here Comes The Pain

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Kenzo Suzuki
Move by Kaypunk & ThreeG

Use the normal Tajiri Moveset and make the following changes

Ring - Out move Normal
Taunts - Shouting 3, Christian2, Shouting 3, Christian2
Fighting style : Fighter
Movie: Tajiri or Logo
Moves: Hawk or Roddy Piper
Music: Orignal 6 [credit NaO]

Ready Moves – Attack
Dropkick 3, Toe Kick 1, Backchop 2, Powerful Backchop, Clothesline 1, Elbow smash 2

Ready Moves - Grapple – Submission Grapple
Leg Lock 5 to Bearhug 1
Dragon Screw 1 to Armbar 2
Armbar 3 to Batista Lifting & Toss

Ready Moves – Grapple – Submission Grapple
Poison Mist 3 to Club to neck 1

Ready Moves – Grapple – Power Grapple
Manhatten Drop 1 to Fury Punch 2
Backbeaker 10 to Suplex 4
Powerbomb 12 to Strength 2
Falling Neckbreaker to Neckbreaker 3

Ready Moves – Grapple – Quick Grapple
Hurracanrana 5 to Double Arm Suplex 2
Eye Rake 2 to Roundhouse Dropkick
Snapmare & Dropkick 1 to Dragon screw 2

Ready Moves – Back Attack
Atomic drop, Sidewalk Slam4, Inverted suplex2, Backbreaker 6, Backsuplex 7, pumphandle drop, knee clip, back side slam

Ground Attack
angry stomp, leg drop, elbow drop 2

Ground Grapple
Armlock1, Fury Punch 10, Dropkick To Face, Leg lock 8, Leg Lock 9, Kick To Head

Turnbuckle Attack
Turnbuckle Clothesline, Elbow Attack, Knee Attack 1

Turnbuckle Grapple
Big Back Chop 1, Superplex 2, Double Underhook Suplex, Shoulder Thrust, Foot Choke 2

Rope Moves
Booker T backchop2
clothesline 10
elbow brop11
vaulting body press2
dive through ropes

Attack: Clothesline 21, Shining Wizard 3
Grapple: Spear 4, DDT1
Back Attack: Mat slam2, knee clip
Squating Attack: double axe handle, elbow drop11
Counter: powerslam1, backdrop3, hiptoss2

Double team
Stand: beat head, clothesline, suplex1, headbutt & elbow drop, facecrusher
Turnbuckle: body splash & whip, mudhole stomping, hip toss, kick to gutt

Special: backbreaker 9, STK
Favourites: shining wizard 3, back suplex 7, backbreaker 6
weapon special: DDT X2
Combination Moves: Backchop2, middlekick3, dropkick3
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